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[ uniform ]    [ brick ]    [ rug burn ]    [ a sticky situation ]   

[ dancing in the moonlight ]    [ soon ]    [ indecision ]   

[ sleeping bag ]    [ kiss the cook ]    [ early late afternoon ]   

trowa/quatre - rain, for anne

by merith

It had been a long, grueling day but the emergency session had come to an end. Trowa waited at their council table, made sure items were packed and ready, and kept one eye on the blond as he spoke with members of the senate, representatives of various factions, and interested parties. After three days of speeches, debates and vote after vote, Trowa would have thought Quatre had had enough of his peers to last a double life-time. He knew he had.

A little more than an hour after the session had been concluded, Quatre was back by his side, giving him the nod it was time to leave. Without a word more, Trowa led him from the chamber, down the maze of corridors to the lobby and the doors to the outside world. In his opinion, it was like being freed from a prison.

On the atrium, members of the assembly waited, talking of the latest recommendations to send to the PeaceKeepers. Cigar smoke was hanging heavy, and voices loud to cover the thunder just beyond the protection of the overhang. Trowa stopped at the edge, raindrops splashing on the tips of his shoes. Today wasn't the day to have dismissed their driver after all. And they were stranded on the steps, sans umbrella.

"Trowa?" Quatre asked, stepping up beside him. He was peering out into the rain and turning to look up at him.

"No umbrella." Trowa glanced back, wondering if they would be able to find a corner to wait out the rain without choking on smoke or having to listen to even more filibusting fatheads.

He was surprised to feel Quatre take his hand, and even more so when Quatre stepped from the shelter of the overhang. Quatre smile was growing wider with each step he took off the stairs. They were both soaked before they reached the sidewalk, and Trowa could hear the calls from behind them. The driver of one prestigious senator ran forward, umbrella opened and extended out to Quatre.

"Save it for someone who'll melt!" Quatre nearly shouted. He was turning to look back at Trowa, the lines of worry and concern fading away, and Trowa smiled in return.

His grip tightened on his hand, and Quatre dashed across the street dragging Trowa with him. Two blocks down, the garage he'd parked the car in seemed too far and yet, their jaunt through the rain too short. Just before the garage entrance, Quatre jumped from the curb, landed in the swirling puddle, and splashed water up over himself and Trowa. Trowa raked a fast foot through the current, showering Quatre with even more water.

Quatre dodged and nearly went down, but laughed instead. He nodded up ahead to the entrance gates to a park, his eyebrows raised in challenge. With a bare nod, Trowa kicked more puddle water, and raced off, Quatre on his heels.

And the rain continued to fall.

heero and quatre (friendship with hints of 1x2/3x4) - magnet, for misanagi

by merith

Heero didn't answer Quatre's question immediately, but instead began setting up for the day's experiment. The copper wrapped wands were laid out, and he hooked the alligator clips to each battery with care.

"It depends on what you want," Heero finally said, his eyes cut over in Quatre's direction.

Quatre was taking his time filling in the blank page of their natural science notebook; this day he was in charge of lab notes. The class heading, the date and the experiment, complete with its corresponding number were written in his most legible cursive. He licked his lips and looked at the teacher.

"Magnetism kinesis will result once your battery charge is turned on. Scientist have been studying the effects of magnetic fields on animals since..."

"I want what you... you and Duo have," Quatre whispered, cheeks heating to bright red.

Heero turned from the lecture to stare at Quatre, his eyes narrowing. He gave a nod and finished setting up their equipment pieces. "Be like a magnet," he said in a low voice, his eyes back on the teacher. "Trowa will either be attracted to you, or not." He was grinning as he flipped on the batteries power. "And if he is," The metal particles hovered between the rods before attaching themselves to one other the other. "you will know."

Picking up a stray metal ball, Quatre held it in his fingertips in the middle of the magnetic field and released it. It flew to one of the rods, clinging to its surface. His eyes rose to meet Heero's and he smiled.

trowa and duo (friendship) - heero quits his job and duo wants to join the circus, for kaz

joining the circus
by merith

Trowa pulled another beer out of the refrigerator and set it on the counter in front of his guest. He leaned back against the sink and watched as Duo circled the trailer for the tenth time. Not for the first time did he compare Duo with one of his cats; deadly and stalking, both he was rather fond of being a friend than not.

"Wearing a hole in the floor isn't going to tell me why you're here," Trowa said, hints of amusement in his voice.

Duo stopped and turned, one hand at his head with fingers raking through his bangs. "Fuck, Tro..." His eyes lit on the bottle on the counter and he twisted its top off. After a long pull, Duo lowered the bottle, his fingers sought out and set to spin the bottle's lid. "Heero's quit his job."

"Again?" Duo was nodding to his question, lifting his beer to his lips. Trowa was staring at the tile between his feet. "I thought he liked working there."

"I did too!" Duo began pacing again, a hand waved out. "And he said he liked the one before that! And the one before that!" He circled back around and slumped against the counter. "What am I going to do, Trowa?"

Trowa reached over and tugged the bottle from Duo's hand. "I don't think there's anything for you to do." He swallowed down the last of the beer, and tossed the empty into the garbage. "This is something for Heero to find out for himself."

"But five jobs, Trowa! Five." Duo shifted to rest his chin on the heel of one hand, staring at Trowa. "Maybe I should quit my job... run away to the circus." He was half-way grinning and waggling his brows. "Got something for me to do?"

Making a low humming sound, Trowa shifted to brace his hands on the counter's edge. "Cathy could use a new target," he said with the lift of an eyebrow, "and the manager is always looking out for an extra elephant handler." The twitch of his lips nearly gave him away. "I can vouch that you know how to pile shit that high."

Duo flipped the bottle cap at him and lowered his head to the countertop. "What if it isn't the jobs he's tired of, Trowa? What if it's... me?"

Trowa moved forward, all humor vanishing. Placing a hand on Duo's shoulder, he gave it a squeeze. "You know better than that, Duo." He tilted his head to the side, nearly lying it next to Duo's face, and peered at him from under his hair. "If Heero had any problems with you, you would be the first one to know about it. He is the kind of guy who will voice his concerns. He isn't the kind of guy who'd leave someone he cared about hanging on if there wasn't something to hang onto."

"Yeah, I know..." Duo said, still facing the counter. "It's just..." he shrugged under Trowa's hand. "...sometimes, when he does something like this, I just get the idea I don't matter. That he isn't thinking of us or what we're going to do in five or ten years from now."

Trowa was silent for a moment, thinking back to when he'd spent more than a month in Heero's company. Little from then prepared him for now, but he thought... "Maybe he is thinking of what will be in five or ten years from now." His voice was soft and Duo was raising his head, looking at Trowa. "Maybe he knows the jobs he's been working at aren't what he wants, but could be enough to get him by for awhile." Trowa was nodding, more convinced as he spoke. "And in five years, or ten if he truly likes the job, he discovers what he's been doing isn't what he's wanted. That maybe with settling for one job or another, instead of reaching for what he truly wants and what will give him a challenge, that it will change who he is and who you both are together."

Duo was standing straight now, and he swallowed, flushed a little and looked away. "But what if he's just ...settled for me?"

His laugh was unexpected and Duo was glaring at him. "Duo, there isn't no "just settled" where you're concerned." Suddenly in motion, he turned Duo around and began pushing on his shoulders, targeting the door. "Go home. Tell Heero was you've been telling me." Duo planted his boots at the doorway and Trowa reached around him to open the door. "Go on, Duo."

"But what if..."

"If Heero confirms your doubts," Trowa told him, shoving him onto the steps. "Then come back and I'll see what I can find." He braced a shoulder on the door jam, crossed his arms and stood staring down at Duo, still hesitating on the bottom step. "I don't believe you'll be back here for awhile."

Duo gave him a nod, pulled his cap out from a back pocket and settled it on his head. He gave a little wave and headed off in the direction of the spaceport, home and Heero. Trowa waited until he'd rounded one of the animal cages before going back inside and closing the door.

Not five minutes after Duo had left, he was reaching for a beer when the phone rang, and Heero was asking if Duo was there. Trowa smiled to himself, pulled his chair around and settled in to listen to what Heero had to say.

heero/duo - handshake, for miyun (aka porcelian)

by merith

Deciding the part was just the lee side of boring, I began making the proper goodbye noises, emptying the drink I'd been nursing for the past half hour and declining dance invitations. Quatre might be my best friend, but I only suffer for so long in non-lethal situations.

"You leave now, and certainly without telling Quat goodbye and he'll hunt you down in the morning," that low voice threat could only come from Trowa.

I stopped edging for the side door and gave Trowa a grin over my shoulder. "Ah, well, he looks pretty busy and didn't think he'd miss me with all," I waved a hand in arc "these people."

Trowa only laughed, a brow cocked in challenge. He had me whipped and he knew it. Quatre would hunt me down, and would likely do it after I had been sleeping for a couple of hours.

"There's someone he's been wanting you to meet..."

"Wait!" I was glaring at Tro now. "He's not doing that again, is he?"

"He just wants to see you happy, Duo." Trowa was searching the room, but his hand was on my arm. "It's not that he expects you to jump the guy in the foyer." His eyes met mine briefly and he jerked his chin toward the main entryway. "You'll have to wait until you get upstairs at least."

I laughed in spite of myself. "Tro..." Whining! God how I hated to whine. "Please call him off for me, please?"

Trowa looked at me and shook his head. "Just give them one a chance, Duo. I think you'll like the guy." His eyes flicked up and back. He was grinning as he leaned closer and whispered, "Too late now, anyway. They're headed this way."

Groaning, I turned away, snatching a fluted glass of whatever from a passing server. I would have walked as far and as fast as I could have if Trowa still hadn't hold of my arm. "Alright. I'll meet the guy, shake his hand, and then I'll leave." I was muttering under my breath, and downed the glass while Trowa laughed.

Just in time too. Quatre was calling my name and I was turning, giving him my I'm-gonna-kill-you-just-you-wait smiles. I handed Trowa my glass and closed the distance between us; I wasn't watching Quatre any more, but the man walking beside him. Better looking than even Quatre, the man had the most piercing blue eyes. Quatre was giving me some kind of introduction, telling me his name and something about a security advisor, just moved to the city, hadn't even settled in yet. Quatre was sounding like a Charlie Brown grown-up to my ears.

"I'm Duo," I said, reaching for his hand. His hand slipped into mine, and his mouth moved upward. Now I knew how those teenaged girls felt touching a rock idol - I may never wash my hand again.

"It's good to meet you, Duo," this blue-eyed god was talking to me. "Quatre's been telling me all about you." He was sort of smiling, and his eyes were crinkling at the edges.

"Funny, but he hasn't said a word to me about you." I was still shaking his hand, but I didn't want to let go. Instead, I shot a glare at Quatre.

He was holding his hands up, laughing, the bastard. "I did try last week, but you wouldn't listen to anything I said."

"But..." I stopped, and looked back at Heero. "You're new to the city?" Not original, but I had to start somewhere.

"I thought you were leaving?" Trowa said from right beside me. Quatre was giving me a look and Heero was looking more amused than someone I'd just met had the right to be.

"Didn't you threaten me with Quatre doing bodily harm if I did?" And now Heero was laughing.

Trowa reached over and stopped our hands from shaking. "Remember, not in the foyer." He gave me a wink, and nodded to Heero. "Good to see you again Heero." And with an arm around Quatre's shoulders, he led him off. "I spoke with Catherine earlier, and she wanted to know how the new garner is working out..."

Heero and me, we stood watching them walk away, our hands still in each other's grips. I wasn't letting go first.

"You were going to leave?" Heero asked, his eyes still tracking Trowa and Quatre.

I nodded and cleared my throat. "Yeah. I hate it when Quatre tries to set me up."

"And now?" Heero was looking at me, his hand tightening around mine. I stared at our hands for a moment before smiling up at him.

"Not without you."

heero/duo - furries, for sera

by merith

He ducked into an alley, immediately lowering his body and scanning the parameter. His breathing was returning to normal, his run from the institute hadn't even winded him. But the pads of his paws... no one was in sight; he used a minute to inspect each one. The right front pad had thinned, its calluses nearly worn away from his run over the hard, rough concrete. If he didn't find a place to hide for a couple of days, all would crack and bleed, and that would give him away.

A car passed, a light shone down the alley. Heero scrunched his body deeper into the shadows of discarded refuse, overflowing bins and cardboard boxes. Seconds only, and the car sped on its way. He crept from his hiding spot and peered into the street. It might not have been the hunters from the institute.

"Running from the law?" a voice drawled in an almost lazy smugness.

Heero jumped, spun in the air, and landed in a crouch, claws extended and tail bushed. The voice belonged to another feline, male by the looks. A cautious sniff confirmed; a male ginger alley cat. Heero stayed silent and glaring, but he retracted his claws.

The feline leapt on silence paws and slinked his way from mid-alley toward Heero. His casual walk was deceptive, Heero realized. The cat watched every niche and shadow, its ears twisted to catch every sound. As the other male drew closer, Heero could see the battle scar and the slight tear of a tufted ear.

"I might have room," the feline near purred, circling Heero with that same slinky grace already shown. "If you need a place to lay low."

Heero's head snapped up and the other cat was staring at the alley's mouth as well. A bi-pedal pedestrian was carrying a radio, one announcing Heero's description. His time was running out, and he could wait in this alley longer. He shot a glare at the intruding feline, and wondered if she should make for the rear of the alley, or take his chances on the open street.

"Come with me," the cat hissed, turning tail, and beginning an easy lope down the alley.

Instinct and response had kept him alive, kept him sane so far; instinct spurred Heero into action, and in a half leap he had caught up to his benefactor. He felt the flesh tear, but it hadn't started to bleed. Running on three paws was awkward and earned him a look, but it kept his blood from being split and the trackers from finding more than a hint of his scent.

"Your place had better be close," was all Heero said.

The other feline was nodding, not breaking stride. They crossed an empty street, jumped from trashcans to a fire escape and climbed to the roof. From the roof, Heero's escort led him over a gutter, down onto an awning and onto an overhang on a building across an alley. The mid-building ledge wound round all sides, and Heero was left following a mottled brown and ginger tail.

A window in back was cracked open, wide enough to let the cats inside. Heero dropped to the floor after a quick look - the place appeared empty of human presence, but he could smell other cats.


Heero turned in time to watch an exotic feline dash forward and rub noses and whiskers with his guide. He was glaring, back up against the wall, wondering if he should risk the ledge and the unknown rather than watch this display.

"Is Trowa back?" Heero's guide was asking, glancing back to Heero and back to the other cat.

"He's just returned, having his supper."

"Good. I need you and him to gather the others, follow our trail and wipe it clean. Eliminate all traces of his," a paw raised, pointed towards him, "scent."

The white cat was nodding, already turning away. "Hilde and Wufei should be back by now, but I'm not sure of the others. We'll get it taken care of, Duo."

"Is that what you're called?" Heero still sat by the wall, but he lifted his paw and gave the pad an experimental swipe of his tongue.

A soft chuckle and Heero was nose to nose with his benefactor. "My name is Duo, but I have been called any number of things."

Heero's paw was caught between them; Duo was rubbing noses, pressing his cheek over Heero's and down along the ruff of Heero's neck. Ready to swat at having his space invaded, Heero was surprised when his throat started to purr and he was rubbing his own cheek over Duo's fur.

"You've never..." Duo's voice was low and throaty, his scent was heavy in Heero's nostrils and of a sudden, Heero was hot and itchy, and rubbing on Duo, letting Duo rub him was scratching that itch. "You've never fucked before?"

The shake of his head impatient, Heero was following instinct again, and instinct was screaming for him to lick and bite and create friction. He was pushing his body into Duo's, only Duo jumped back, putting distance between them. Heero growled and began to stalk toward him.

"At least tell me your name," Duo was laughing, his mouth stretched into a wide smile. "And let's go somewhere a little less public."

Heero halted, his ears flattening. Instinct had dulled all senses but the need to feel and the overpowering scent of Duo. Immediately ashamed, his training completely forgotten, he lowered himself to the floor. No others were in the room, though the scent of several was strong. Now, he could hear no noises in the immediate area, and those he did hear were distance and muffled enough, he believed them to be on different floors.

"Heero," he said at last and Duo crouched in front of him, his nose touched Heero's.

"Well, Heero," Duo's low throaty voice was back. "Follow me and I'll show you just what you've been missing."

Duo's whiskers twitched and he turned away. After a couple of steps, Duo looked back at Heero, and Heero rose on all paws. He was purring, all thoughts of being hunted dimmed. Thoughts of following that mottled tail heightened, and Heero let instinct loose, let it take him where it would.

heero/duo, one has a uniform fetish, for sharon

by merith

"Here, let me help you with that."

Heero turns from the mirror and lifts his chin, giving Duo access to his neck and tie. He is staring at the ceiling, thinking the bedroom needs a new paint job and Duo twisting the overly expensive cotton length into something resembling the knot the new deputy commissioner for Preventers Colonial district.

"I ever tell you how fucking sexy you look in this uniform?"

Heero glances down, pulling his thoughts off blue or the ever-functional white paint. Duo's lips are on the underside of his chin, just at the edge of his collar that cues Heero into the fact he's finished. Heero shifts back. "The car will be here to pick us up any time now." It is also then that he notices Duo hasn't even begun to dress. "Duo..."

But Duo presses himself forward, a hand circles behind Heero's neck and his mouth is hovering over Heero's. "We have time," he says letting his mouth touch Heero's lips. "After all, they can't start without you."

Heero's smile is nearly lost behind the kiss they share. His arms rise to circle Duo's waist, and for the moment, he lets himself forget of the award, of just who and how many will be crammed into the auditorium, and of the speech he's supposed to give at the height of the ceremony. Duo's other hand is finding a perfect palming his cock through his slacks, with his fingers nudging his balls.

"Duo, don't start something you can't finish," Heero warns, suddenly breathless and pushing hips forward into Duo's hand.

"Oh," Duo intones in a whisper by Heero's ear, "I don't intend to finish..." his teeth nip at the lobe, "but later, yes later."

His eyes are closing, and he lets his hands slide up to cling to Duo's shoulders. This is better, much better than thinking of speeches and thank yous and policies needing revisions. He wants to push Duo's robe off, strip out of his dress uniform and let Duo make him forget how to be dependable and responsible.

"Just remember this," Duo is saying in that same low tone, his palm quickening its pace and increasing its pressure, "when you're standing up there at a loss for words and forgetting everything you wanted to say."

Duo releases him suddenly, stepping back and pulling off his robe. Heero staggers slightly, his eyes flashing open and blinking. He holds out a hand, entreating, and tries to catch his breath.

"Just remember this," Duo is saying, leaning back against the bathroom wall and raising his arms above his head. "When you're standing up there, getting more and more nervous watching the audience watch you." Duo's back arches out, and he thrusts his hips forward, his cock erect and jutting. "And see only me, sitting in the front row naked and waiting for you to finish that damned speech so you can nail my ass."

Heero is smiling, and instead of grabbing hold of Duo and nailing his ass, he shoves his hands into his pockets. "I think the large bulge in my pants would give me away."

Duo smiles back, his eyebrow cocks and he runs a hand flat palmed down his body. "That's what podiums are for."

He's laughing now, taking a step forward and giving Duo a kiss, but not touching, for if he were to touch, he would not be making a speech this night. The doorbell rings and Heero glances in its direction. "I think you'd better finish dressing."

"I'm supposed to be naked, remember."

Heero laughs again, finishes his kiss and goes to let the driver in. Already his mind is finding excuses on how to leave the event early, and contingency plans on where he could drag Duo off to without detection.

while mis asked for duo and quatre, friendship with a brick, my muse was entrenched in the "boys to soldiers" universe... breaking glass was its result.

by merith

The brick was heavy in his hand and he hefted it up gauging its weight, eyeing the distance. With a sudden movement, his arm was back, his left leg raised only to slam down with force, his arm propelled forward and the brick sailed through the air. Up in the distance, glass shattered and Duo was grinning.

"See that? Bet I can do the other window too." He was already looking around for another brick, but the farther from the building, the scarcer they were, and the fences kept the public quite the distance away.

Quatre was frowning, first at the old school building and then at Duo who crowed in glee at finding another partly intact brick. "But why, Duo? Why are we here breaking windows?"

He stopped with his arm cocked back, his face turning back to Quatre. "Huh?" Instead of throwing the brick, Duo straightened, tossed the brick from palm to palm. "Well... it's fun?" He tilted his head to the side, his face scrunched in thought.

"Is it?" Quatre was looking at the building again, thinking of how many kids had gone to school there, played in its playground, kissed behind activities shed. A reverberating thud sounded and Quatre turned to see the brick broken in half at Duo's feet.

"Guess not." Duo was grinning a crooked smile, his front tooth still coming in. "Let's go play some ball." He was already turning, bending over to pick up his dropped glove and heading for his bike.

Quatre stood still a moment longer, the abandoned building condemned and scheduled for demolition the following Monday. Duo called his name and he turned away, picked up his own bike and pedaled off after Duo. It was a Saturday afternoon, his father was out of town and Duo was going to stay the night.

there are some consistancies in life, and one of them is sharon's need to read heero and duo. this time the request was for rug burn. *cough* have no idea what she was referring to. none whatsoever.

rug burn
by merith

They met on the court like usual; Duo giving Wufei a hard time about losing the week before, Quatre taking practice swings with his racquet, Heero slipping his sweatshirt up and over his head.

"Heero!" Quatre's exclamation halted Heero in his tracks, stopped Duo's banter, and Wufei mid-rant. "What happened to your arm?" He was already heading Heero's way, Wufei close on his heels.

Looking at large bandage just below his elbow, Heero shrugged, though he ducked his head and turned away. "Burn," he said, bending down to retrieve his own racquet and canister of balls.

Quatre's brows drew downward. "A burn? On your elbow? What were you doing..." Duo choked, his racquet tumbled from his fingers, and the ball he was testing rolled off. "Did you do this to him Duo?"

"NO!" Heero nearly shouted. Heero looked to Duo when Quatre looked back to Wufei.

His eyes narrowed, turning his head to look from Heero to Duo and back. Seeing the matching flushes, and Duo not quite looking Heero's way, Wufei's eyebrows shot to his hairline. He coughed and turned away, fumbling with his bag for his racquet.

"They're partners."

"But," Quatre watched Wufei for a moment, glanced at Heero and then Duo. "How did you..."

Heero blinked at Quatre, his fingers squeezed the ball. "Rug," Duo told Quatre, brushing past Heero, his hand lingered on Heero's back. "Let's play."

Quatre watched Duo crossed the court. "Rug," he said shaking his head.

"Rug." Heero offered a slight smile, bounced a ball and went to join his partner.

kaz's request for duo and trowa (friendship) in a sticky situation had me stumped. i kept thinking of silly stuff like an oliver and hardy skit with flypaper. i don't think this was what she was looking for, but it satisfied my muse. :)

a sticky situation
by merith

Duo sat when pacing didn't seem quite right, but was up again within moments of sitting. From the couch to the bookshelf, he scanned titles, pulled a hardback from the shelf, and flipped to its summary. The words blurred; after reading the same sentence three times, he replaced the book.

"You're more nervous than Heero," Trowa said. Duo turned to glare but couldn't quite muster the look. That Trowa was amused was obvious, that he was so relaxed set Duo on edge even more.

"I'm not nervous," he growled and went to stare out the large window overlooking the front drive.

"If you don't sit down, I'm going to sit on you."

"Fuck, Trowa. What's taking them so long? They should be done by now." Duo spun on his heels and was at the door in a moment.

"Are you leaving?" Trowa asked, his bookmark already sliding into place. "What's going on Duo?"

His hand on the door, Duo shook his head. He couldn't say; he didn't want to say. "Nothing."

"Wufei was planning to take Heero to dinner and maybe a movie," Trowa said quietly. "Heero's only been gone a little over..."

"I think I made a mistake." Duo was squeezing the knob hard. Trowa was silent behind him and he turned his head slightly, taking in his friend.


Duo let go of the doorknob and walked back to the couch, his feet dragging over the rug. Not looking up from the floor, he sat, fisting his hands by each thigh to keep them still. "I... Heero..." He shot a quick glance to Trowa and back down to the floor. His ears were enflamed and blood was pounding. "I think I like Heero, okay."

Another round of silence and Duo risked another look. Trowa was watching him, his book held loosely in his hands.

"Then why did you help me set him up with Wufei?"

"Because..." Duo slumped farther down on the couch. "I didn't know, okay." He uncurled a fist long enough to rub the side of his face. "I mean, Heero and me have been friends forever and I just never thought of him like that," he peered at Trowa. "you know what I mean? Cause I gotta tell you buddy, even if there wasn't Quatre, I don't think I would have thought of you as more than a friend."

Trowa was smiling. "Thanks, I think." He sat forward in his chair and set his book aside. "Does Heero know?"

"No!" Duo's expression was horrified. Frowning slightly, he added, "Though when we were talking about tonight, he... he kept telling me to come with him." He gave a fleeting smile. "Nerves, right?"

Though he nodded, Trowa thought he knew as well. "You have been friends for a long time." He slide back in his chair and reached for his book. "I think if you said something to him, he would be... receptive."

"You think?" Hopeful look slid into misery. "But shit. What about tonight? I mean, what if Heero decides he likes Wufei's company more than mine?"

His attention distracted for a moment, Trowa turned back to Duo. "I don't think that's going to happen." Duo opened his mouth and closed it when a car door slamming was heard. "Heero's home." He stood, taking his book with him. "I'm going to bed. Quatre isn't due back until midnight or later," he grinned and winked at Duo. "And ask Heero why he wears your boxers." And he laughed, heading back to his bedroom.

"My boxers?" Duo stared after Trowa. The door was opening and Duo took a deep breath. "You're home..." The wide purplish stain down the front of Heero's shirt stopped him.

"Don't ask," Heero growled, shutting and locking the door behind him. "And next time you or Trowa get the idea to set me up on a date, forget it!" Heero turned from the door and started unbuttoning his shirt. Duo watched his fingers to the last button.

"Hey about that," he met Heero's eyes and gave a half smile, "dating, I mean."

Heero's hands halted in slipping his shirt off. "Yeah?"

"What if... what if I wanted to set you up with a date..."

"No! Not..."


"...again... You?" Heero's hands dropped to his sides.

Duo nodded and studied the purplish outline on Heero's chest. "Me." He was blushing but smiling. "And I promise not to spill wine on you."

dancing in the moonlight is what anne wanted for trowa and quatre, and i'll admit, my first thought was for this bunny that'd been really patient with me. it's set to my 'barrio' universe, where dancing on rooftops of the city are more common than not.

dancing in the moonlight
by merith

He ran up the stairs, taking them two and three at a time. It was pushing nine, and he'd said he would be there no later than seven-thirty. If he was lucky, Quatre would still speak to him. If he was really lucky, Quatre would still be there.

At the door to the roof, he paused for only a moment to catch his breath, wipe the sweat from his forehead, and push his hair out of his eyes. He could hear the music through the door and knew without seeing that Duo was in charge of the stereo. A deep breath released, he pushed open the door and strode out onto the roof.

He was really, really lucky; Quatre was there. Their friendship was new, less than a month old and by the feeling he had whenever Quatre was around, he knew it was developing into much more than a friendship.

There in the corner of the roof, Quatre sat on a lawn chair, a dark concoction of some sort in his hand. He was looking in Trowa's direction, and he smiled. Trowa slipped around the dancers making his way closer. Quatre was rising, meeting him about half way.

"Sorry I'm late..." he began saying.

"I had hoped you'd..." Quatre started and stopped in a short laugh.

"My meeting ran long," Trowa said simply.

"It's alright, really." Quatre was smiling and Trowa felt that it really was all right.

He gave a nod and lifted the cup from Quatre's hand. He swallowed it without tasting and threw it towards their corner of the party. "Dance?" he offered his arm and Quatre took it.

The music switched to something a little more mellow, and Trowa changed beats with it, pulling Quatre in closer. He looked over Quatre's shoulder; Duo was watching them, Heero at his side. Duo's fingers gave a little wave.

Under the moonlight, with a little help from the haphazard decor lights string overhead, Trowa danced in lazy steps to the slight Motown beat.

porc wanted something set to lyrics: "But when I ask will you be coming back soon, you don't know...", and oh man... to me it only fit one universe of mine so well, something i hadn't written on in quite some time - transition from the dark. so, coming back soon made its way out... set sometime before the first chapter of the story (since that's the only one written, shame on me).

by merith

From the wrong side of the door, he heard the phone ringing. His key was in the lock, not turning fast enough; the door left wide open, his books left scattered on the floor where he dropped them, he answered the phone on the fourth ring, the receiver fumbling in his hand.


"Duo? Is this a bad time?" Heero's voice was clear enough to have been in the same room, and not twenty thousand miles out into space.

"No!" he said in a rush. "I just got home and didn't want to miss your call." There was a brief spat of static, and Duo used the moment to cross the living room. "So, how ya doing? How's the project going?"


"I miss you." One hand squeezed the phone, the other the door. Duo closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. That wasn't what he wanted to say.

"I miss you too." Heero's words were a whisper in his ear.

Keeping his eyes shut, Duo gripped the door and pushed it closed. "So... when are you going to remedy that?"

"I don't know. Soon."

Duo leaned against the door, his forehead pressed to wood. "Okay. The project's going well then?" He moved a book out of the way with a foot. Mechanics of Drawing, he read.

"The converters were launched last night. Already there appears to be cloud formation. Results are much higher than expected at this stage. There's a visual inspection is scheduled for later today." Heero's voice came to an abrupt end. "Duo, are you all right?"

"Yeah," he was nodding and pushing off from the door. "I'm good." His eyes scanned the room, empty but filled. "How soon is soon?"

"I..." Duo heard the sigh as slight as it was. "I don't know. But it won't be much longer, Duo."

"I know," he said, bending over to pick up a book. "I just want you to know that I lov..." Static blasted through the receiver and Duo jerked the phone away from his ear. The noise died and Duo tested the line. "Heero? You still there?"

The line was dead and Duo cut the connection. He sat the text on an end table, and smiled wiry. Ten Steps to Better Communication

"Soon," he said and went to collect the rest of his books.

just like her request, "indecision" windsor wanted something with trowa and quatre and wufei... that meloncoly angst bunny who's been hanging out quite a bit lately nibbled for cliffside grass.

by merith

It was sunset, and Trowa turned his back to the view. His car was parked less than ten feet away; Quatre leaned against its fender, his elbows on the hood. Quatre was speaking but looked up, catching Trowa's eye; his words paused for a moment while he smiled; he turned his head and continued his conversation.

Sunlight glinted off the windshield and Trowa reached inside his jacket for his sunglasses. He could see Wufei shift, standing by the driver side door with his arms crossed; Wufei was listening to Quatre, his head nodding in the right spots, but he watched Trowa.

Even with his eyes now hidden, Trowa looked away.

The rail guarded the unwary from tumbling down the mountainside, and Trowa's hands trailed over its dented, dull surface. He heard Quatre's light laugh and Wufei's answering gruff one and wished for a rail of his own. Tall, wild grasses grew just over the fencing. Trowa plucked a stem, golden brown, bladed leaves curling in under themselves and barley seeds in a protective tuff.

Self-propagating. Weathering intrusion, erosion, and change.

The seed tuff tickled his palm. Trowa raised his eyes and watched Wufei's hand push back a wild hair from Quatre's face. He wasn't against this. The yearning for something more was there.

Tossing the grass stem over the rail, he walked toward the other two.

deliberate or not, several of these requests triggered songs in my head... corazon's made me think instantly of zz top, and with a request of 'sleeping bag' for wufei and trowa, i couldn't help it! slip inside was what came out.

sleeping bag
by merith

It was the liquid plop, the curse and the following loud splashing that pulled Trowa from the backside of the tent. Peg and hatchet in hand, his mouth almost gaping, he watched as Wufei flailed in the stream just down the knoll from their camp. Near to crawling on hands and knees, Wufei was pulling items from the water and tossing them up onto shore. The green and burgundy sleeping bag drifted farther away.

"What happened?" Trowa asked, dropping tool and stake and running after the sleeping bag.

"Accident." Wufei's tone was clipped and harsh. Trowa asked no more, but leaned out over the water and snagged the sleeping bag.

He carried the dripping, sodden mess back to camp with an extended arm. At least his sleeping bag was still attached to his backpack. Looking at the sky before checking his watch, he knew before he spoke that there wasn't time. "I'll hang it up. Maybe it'll dry out."

Wufei didn't bother to look up, continued laying out items from his pack. "...chance in hell." He straightened a paperback in hand and fanned it in the air.

"There's not enough time to hike back to the truck before dark," Trowa said, unzipping the bag and looking for a spot with the most sun.

"No need. It was my error. I will live with it." Trowa gave him a look and shook the bag out straight. "I'm not weak."

"Never said you were." Trowa turned his back on Wufei, went to pick up his hatchet and tent peg. "My bag's still dry. You can share with me." Wufei sputtered, and he was behind the tent before his face gave way his more than friendly interest.

"It'll be too small." Wufei was standing at the tent corner, paperback dangling from one hand, but his eyes were keen and bright.

Trowa looked up, still crouched at the last tie-down. "We've slept together in smaller quarters before." He kept his voice low and soft, a feather light touch to test but not disturb.

Wufei's mouth closed and he gave a sharp nod. He turned but stopped, and slapped his novel against the palm of his other hand. "It might get cold tonight."

He almost smiled. "That it might," he said instead. "But I reckon between the two of us, we'll keep warm enough." His lips closed on anything else he might let slip.

"Right." Wufei stepped around the tent, lost to Trowa's sight. But he heard the whistling song moments later and he sat back to listen, smiling a little to himself.

hmmm... jade likes heero in skirts, but this time, the bunny didn't want to play. so, i put him in kiss the cook and duo! :)

kiss the cook
by merith

The house was cool, quiet and he could feel the tension easing away just as soon as he closed the door behind him. His laptop case was filled with files and folders he wanted to go over after dinner; without a thought, he let it slide from his shoulder and thump on the floor just to the side of the door. He'd think about work later - or in the morning.

It was already eight, and though he could smell something wonderful, something he knew would taste just as wonderful, he didn't make it past the couch. Five minutes. But his eyes drifted closed and he let the peace wash over him.

"Bad day?"

Not quite asleep, he didn't open his eyes, recognizing Heero's voice from the kitchen doorway. "Not so much bad, just busy." His right leg was lifted and he slit his eyes opened. Heero was kneeling in front of him; his shoe was being untied and slipped off his foot.

"Is it still the Brookshire holdings?" Heero was unlacing his other shoe, now, and Duo wiggled his toes in the sudden coolness.

"Hmmm." Work was hours away. "One of those guys."

"I'm sure your clients appreciate being lumped together as "those guys."" Duo's foot was in his hands, and Heero was kneading the soreness from it.

"Yeah, well, "those guys" are damn grateful to me." Duo opened his eyes a little wider and grinned. "I've made ‘em millions, ya know."

Heero made an agreeable noise and pressed his lips to the thick pad on Duo's big toe. Duo's leg jerked a little and Heero's grip tightened. "Not in the mood?"

His eyes fully opened now, Duo sat up and wiggled his foot free. In a glance, he took in Heero's attire; in a lingering look, he took in the lack of attire. His smile was slow and he slid down the couch to sit on the floor in front of Heero.

"For you, always." And he was reaching for Heero, reaching for the ties keeping the "Kiss the Cook" apron on. His lips crashed into Heero's and he pulled the apron free, tossed it off to the side. "Just following orders," he murmured against Heero's lips and moved his hands over Heero's naked torso.

"Following orders is good." Heero was nodding, his hands working on removing Duo's tie. "And I've a few of them for you."

"Kiss me," Duo was saying moving lips over bare flesh, "Spank me," he lowered his arms for Heero to pull his shirt off, "take me to bed." Heero lifted his head and kissed his mouth. "Or take me right here."

pairing: heero/duo
warning: BL, no real content of merith

notes: written to fulfill a request by [ merula31 ], in addition to a need for something fluffy, i wanted to write somewhat of an exercise of sorts -- an atmosphere exercise. and meru, i am sorry it's taken me so long to fulfill the request. maybe the muse knew you'd need it more today than 3 or 4 months ago.

early late afternoon
by merith

It is a quiet afternoon, one of those kinds where the sun still shines and the temperature is warm without being hot, where traffic has died down - that siesta time somewhere between lunch and dinner.

Just off the balcony, a willow has grown tall, stately, offering shade and a smidgen more privacy. Its leaves rustle in the slightest of breezes, the sound a gentle background to the day. This same breeze has picked up a wadded scrap of paper, swirling it in a merry dance. Through the partly opened double French doors, the breeze pushes at the light curtain, feeling its way into the room.

Sunlight has dappled over the golden wood of the floors, creating the perfect spot for any pet cat to lay. None have found this haven yet, though as if in proxy, a whimsical black and white tabby hangs from a nail on the wall just to the right of the kitchen doorway. Its eyes and tail shift in tandem, the low tick-swish marking the seconds into minutes into hours.

Down the pale blue wall from the clock, a small secretary stands. Mail is stacked haphazardly, bills among personal correspondence with foreign postmarks. A telephone sits in contemplative silence - serene with self-importance - its ringer turned to the off position. Its built-in call recorder blinks in steady pulses, waiting in patience to relay news of a new car, an invitation to dinner, troubles with a girl.

The television set is on, the screen showing the Saturday movie marathon one after another. Its sound is muted, though. Advertisers quieted for a change with its blaring spiels. Movies that once were billed on the big screen are now shown so frequent the script is known by heart, and its dialogue repeated in jest at social and daily functions.

A soft snort mars the stillness, and a hand rises, brushes at a nose and drops back to the floor once again. The hand's fingers have come to rest on the top of another hand laying palm up. Arms running parallel up the front of the couch, touching skin and fabric. Two bodies lay, one on top the other; couch cushions dipping low and one leg hanging off its edge with a bare foot resting on the floor. Denim-clad legs not quite entwined, stretch the couch length, a pair of feet encased in white socks have overshot its arm by several inches.

Crotch to crotch, chest to chest, a head rests on a shoulder, the other on an well-abused sofa pillow. Duo's face is slightly turned away, his nose twitches again as a strand of dark brown hair tickles. Hair twisted into a braid disappears under the man's shoulder; its ending tuff emerges somewhere near his hip. The breeze blows a little stronger now, travels up a bare arm. He shifts deeper into the couch; his other arm tightens its hold over Heero. A waffling of warm air is pushed from Heero's mouth and he adjusts his face closer, his nose touches the skin on Duo's neck.

Through the balcony door, the sound of an engine turning over is heard. The sun begins to dip lower in the sky and the building across the way partly shadows it. A child's voice calls out and another answers. Inside, the clock still ticks, whiling the minutes.

And the lovers nap on.

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