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[ razberrycreme ] and i were talking about fetish and sex terminology websites, and the mile-high club. i think she was thinking of writing a story about a couple having sex in the bathroom on a plane. now most of us who've ever flown can attest, one person can barely turn around in a restroom let alone two people fit in one! and to have sex?? oh no... don't think so! (besides, a bathroom like a port-a-potty?? eewwww...) i told her there were other ways of achieving mile-high club status without resorting to using the bathroom. her comment that she'd keep that in mind if we were to ever fly together sort of prompted me to write her all about it.

dorothy and relena and a little smexing going on... warning: girl smut

Skyrockets in Flight
by Merith

From her window seat, she watched it all - the band playing rousing music full of drums and horns to the beribboned young girls presenting flowers and curtsies before the blushes and giggles and running off for the safety of the crowd. There had been speeches, and keys presented, and pompous men of all ages (and even some overly arrogant women) simpering and praising, generally making pests of themselves.

It was all so unnecessary and full of the falseness that prompted in part one faction believing itself superior to the others. Dorothy lowered her shade, turned on the overhead light and picked up her magazine.

Some time after the catered meal had been served and cleared, Relena's secretary rose from the seat at her side to return to her workstation in the back of the plane. Dorothy opened her eyes fully and drew her blanket up into her lap. Her narrowed gaze drifted from one occupant to another, but all were busy or sleeping and none paid her a thought. Relena was looking out her window. Dreaming of her prince. Dorothy refused to tread that path.

Without preamble, she moved across the aisle and slid into the vacated seat. She had the arm rest up and locked away, with her blanket spread over both of their laps, before Relena turned to look at her. That small mouth, well-shaped with just a hint of cosmetic color opened, Relena's head tilted just a bit to the side.

"You should rest now, Relena," Dorothy was saying, smoothing blanket over knees and lower both their seat backs. "This trip has been exhausting." Her arm slipped under the blanket; she patted Relena's thigh with the heel of her palm resting up high. "It's my job to see that you relax."

Relena started with the slightest jerk, the drowsiness all but disappeared from her eyes. "Dorothy," Relena hissed, looking from her face to those in various seats about the cabin. "We are in public, in case you've forgotten."

Her lips curved upwards and her eyes slitted. "Forgotten? No hardly." Even as she leaned upward to turn of the lights overhead, her fingers found the hem of Relena's dress. "From my position, it appears you, Relena, are the one who has forgotten..." her palm slid up Relena's thigh, fingers brushing along the insides of both, "a certain promise whispered in the dark one night."

"I-I haven't forgotten," Relena said, her voice low. She was licking at her lower lip, her hands curled about the blanket, but her legs parted and she shifted to face Dorothy. "It has been a busy trip, and there's been so many people to meet..."

Dorothy placed a finger against her lips. "Sssh, Relena," she told her. Dorothy's hand slipped from her lips to cup the side of Relena's face. "I know all of that, but it doesn't mean I have to like what you do keeps us apart."

"But..." Relena's words ended in a breathless gasp. Dorothy's fingers were pressing against the expensive silk of Relena's panties.

"Just rest your head on my shoulder." Dorothy gently guided Relena's head down, and only smiled when Relena's hand slipped under the blanket to rest on her leg.

She knew they hadn't much time; the plane would be landing inside thirty minutes, and once their approached neared, that dratted secretary would be back, finalizing appointments upon arrival. Relena's eyes closed, and Dorothy leaned her head in close, whispering words of love and sex and dirty-minded thoughts. Relena's fingers dug into her leg, and the quiver in her breathing let Dorothy know she was hitting the mark.

Though her fingernails weren't long, they were strong and it didn't take more than a handful of stroking them over Relena's panties, between each crotch seam, for the material to become damp. Her hand moved up higher and impatient fingers dug under the elastic band. It was times such as these that Dorothy praised whichever God was listening that Relena had at least grown to enjoy the feel of a low-cut bikini style.

Fingers slid over slick hair trimmed short. Closing her eyes, Dorothy was imagining the body she was touching, longed to hold, needed to kiss and taste and pleasure. Fine and blonde, Relena furry patch was tamed with a few gentle strokes of Dorothy's razor, just as Relena herself was tamed with a few not-quite-so-gentle strokes of Dorothy's fingers and tongue.

There was talk of other ways Dorothy could please Relena, bring her to her knees begging, but that was for the future, when they were done with hotels and public rooms and prying eyes. Relena was wet with her own warming gel matting hair and soaking panties. With just the memory of the taste and smell, Dorothy shivered. Need and want nearly had her dropping to her knees, parting Relena's legs and indulging her greed, despite where they were. The inner battle fought and won by control prompted only by the knowledge that Relena would never had forgiven her, and any future Dorothy might want with her would be lost.

Relena moaned into her shoulder, hot and just as needy as Dorothy was. Dorothy slid a finger down deeper and entered Relena's hole. Though the angle allowed only shallow thrusts, Dorothy could feel Relena's muscles clamping down, attempting to draw her farther in.

Her nipples were hard and aching. Dorothy could almost feel Relena's mouth on them, eager but hesitant. She adjusted the angle of her thrust, slipped her thumb back and rotated its pad over and to the side of Relena's clitoris. Relena's gasp was muffled into Dorothy's blouse, and Dorothy could feel the scrap of Relena's teeth biting through the thin fabric.

An overhead announcement let her know it was now or never, and Dorothy paused for a moment - should she stop or should she finish in a rush - but the grip Relena had on her leg convinced her. The peace-loving girl was forgiving in most all things, testing the boundaries in their fledgling relationship was not a wise course of action.

Another finger joined the first, and they worked in tandem, plunging and caressing. Dorothy's thumb circled and rubbed; Relena's hips came up off her seat and her hand clutched at Dorothy's leg. After a quick glance around the cabin, Dorothy peered down at Relena, surprised to see her eyes opened and her lips slightly parted. Her fingers squeezed pubic mound and labia, Dorothy brushed her lips to Relena's forehead, murmuring promises she would keep. Her hand eased out from beneath the silk and straightened the rumpled skirt of Relena's dress.

"I want to see you tonight," she whispered into Relena's hair. Her look stalled the determined stride of Relena's secretary. Their brief respite was over.

"Please..." Relena was pulling away, swallowing and watching her. Relena's hand had come up to just above Dorothy's breast, bracing herself as she sat upright. "I want you." Her eyes left Dorothy's face for a moment, and hurried back. "Please."

Dorothy nodded, smiling. And now she was sure Relena was properly motivated, she rose and tucked the blanket about Relena's legs. "You can return it to me later."

Relena's secretary blushed as Dorothy pushed passed her. Her own seat was cold and lonely, but Dorothy buckled her seat belt and thought of ways to make Relena plead in just that way again.


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