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  obscured reflection

[ incomplete ]
pairings: tentatively 1+2, 3+4, 5XOFC
warnings: au, language, dark, violence

prologue | one | two | three | four

  bitter waning

[ incomplete ]
pairings: 1X2, implied 1X?
warnings: shounen-ai/yaoi, au, language, angst, citrus

prologue | one | two | interlude | three | four


pairing: none
warning: 100 word ficlet


pairing: 1+2
warnings: none

  new neighbors

pairing: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, hints of citrus, oc pov, humor


pairings: 1x2, RxOC
warnings: none


pairing: 2X1
warnings: yaoi, pwp, lemon

  chasing shadows

pairing: 1X2X1
warnings: yaoi, au, AU, yaoi, supernatural, citrus, mild kink(?) and adult content

one | two | three

  interlude with the vampire

pairing: 1X2
warnings: none

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