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Part 10 A

Time seemed to stop as Duo held onto Heero, digging his fingers into the thin fabric of that ever-present tanktop and inhaling his scent deeply. All thoughts of holding out on the Perfect Soldier had fled the moment he'd seen that mask of silence shatter, and Heero had confessed his feelings. He grinned stupidly into Heero's chest as he felt Heero's arms tighten around him automatically, one hand slipping free to grasp his still-swinging braid, tugging it to a gentle stop and holding on for dear life.

Heero, meanwhile, was determined not to let go. While he hadn't yet come out and said it, Duo seemed to instinctively know his feelings, and had latched on to him like a drowning man to a life raft. His hand was curled around Duo's braid, his thumb gently stroking the baby- soft fibres, reveling in the silky feel of it under his fingertips.

It felt so right, holding the braided pilot like that. Heero would have been content to stay there forever, but fate had more in store for all of them. He knew that the others wouldn't be too far behind him, they having their own words to speak to Duo, and with a faint sigh of regret, he loosened his grip slightly, enough to tilt Duo's head back to look at him, dropping one arm to his side, the other still lightly gripping the braid.

" Duo I-" his voice caught in his throat as vulnerable amethyst eyes stared back at him pleadingly, fear mingling with panic as Duo's own arms suddenly dropped.

" Duo?"

" I-I'm sorry," Duo choked out, turning around quickly and staring at the ground, braid slipping out of Heero's grasp. Heero had started to pull away from him - whatever was going through his mind, Duo had obviously gone too fast for the Japanese pilot. " I accept your apology, and I hope you'll accept mine, Heero. I was just glad to see you, I guess."

Heero blinked. What? His mind raced over recent events, and his mind supplied him with the answer.

' He thinks you were rejecting him by letting go', came the answer, and Heero let a rare smile out into existence.

' Baka.'

" Duo."

Duo heard the clipped word and flinched inwardly. Heero was mad.

' Always the bad guy, no matter what, neh?' came a mocking voice in his head. Duo's eyes flashed and his head snapped up. What right did Heero have to be mad? It was him that chased Duo away, tracked him down and confronted him right? Duo was the victim! With that thought firmly in mind, he whirled around, ready to voice his extreme displeasure.

He lodged his complaint with Heero's mouth as the Japanese pilot swooped forward and caught his chin in one hand, tilting that open invitation of a mouth to the right angle to fully invade and conquer.

' What the hell??' was the first thought to enter a paralyzed Duo's brain as he realized exactly what was happening. ' Oh my god,' was next as Heero's other hand snaked behind him and palmed the flat of his spine, pressing him closer, sure fingers kneading and molding the tense muscles of Duo's back until he was ready to purr out loud. Finally breaking away, Duo opened dazed eyes to see a smirking Heero inches away from his face.

" I care about you Duo," Heero said quietly. " It took you leaving for me to confront my own feelings, instead of pushing them to one side." He swallowed hard and locked eyes with the American. " Please come home?"

Duo fought a lump in his own throat again, and nodded, pulling Heero's head down by his ears.

" Less talk, more kiss," he commanded, and Heero's eyes widened before his lips curved up in a playful smirk.

" Yes sir."

Never let it be said Heero Yuy refused an order.

Quatre rubbed his eyes and then the monitor, staring in disbelief.

" T-Trowa?" he croaked out. " Umm...Am I hallucinating?"

" If you are love, then so am I," Trowa answered, his own voice a little dazed. " Wufei?"

" ..........." Nataku keeled to one side, and Quatre yelped, pushing a few buttons, sighing with relief as the dragon Gundam righted itself.

" Wufei!" He opened a video link to Shenlong's cockpit. Wufei lay unconscious on his seat, blood streaming out of both nostrils at the steamy image frozen on all three Gundam's monitors: Heero and Duo locked into a passionate embrace, Heero's hands reaching around to cup Duo's behind and lift him more firmly against him, Duo trying his best to try and break the steamiest kiss record. One of Duo's hands was up underneath Heero's tanktop, caressing rock-hard muscle. It was by far, one of the most erotic and at the same time, heart- warming embraces Quatre had seen outside of his own personal moments with Trowa. The boy in thought spoke up.

" Nearly three minutes. Looks like they're gonna beat our record, Quatre."

to be continued

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