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Warnings: yaoi, AU, vampiry stuff!

Notes: I was at work when I wrote this, after spending the previous night watching movies with friends. Among the movies watched, was Spawn, Komodo, High Infidelity and Vampires - the one from whence this ficcie cometh.

Jennifer and Koby are RL people tho Koby is my muse BJ's bouncing baby boy, just over 2 months old. *grins wryly* I needed names...sue me.

As with all my fics, this will be Duo-centric, but for now, Duo's the only one appearing. The others will show up...um...waaaaaaaaaaaayyy down the line. *grins* Before you all attack me, yes it will be 1+2 - it always in in my case. But not now.

Also - this ficcie is a 1x2x1ml EXCLUSIVE!! that's right, it is *NOT* being posted to the other ML's, tho I may forward a finished copy to Tyr's site to add to the page. Only archivers on this ML are more then welcome to it (if they want it).

Vampire Hunter Duo
Part 2

Duo looked out of his motel room window, watching the flashing neon lights from the arcade across the street. Even though the room was warm, he shivered slightly. A cup of coffee materialized in front of his face.

" Here." Jen's voice was kinder then it had been earlier. After checking the surrounding area, the two strangers had decided to walk Duo back to his hotel, to discuss what had happened. Upon reaching Motel Utopia (the look on Jen's face had been priceless at it's appearance), she had immediately searched the room for alcohol. Finding none, she pounced on the battered coffeemaker some previous tenant of the motel had thoughtfully left behind. Duo had been amused to see her pull a small tin of coffee out of the front pouch of her windbreaker.

" Thanks," Duo smiled slightly. " I still don't believe you carry your coffee with you."

" Means of survival, kid," she snorted. " That instant crap will rot your stomach."

Koby looked up from where he was sitting, perched on the end of Duo's bed, polishing a knife that had almost made Duo jealous to see. Long, sharp and with a wicked edge to it, it was his pride and joy. He could practically see the drool on the boys face as he stared at the blade. Koby regarded the slight figure he cut and shook his head. Duo caught him staring back and immediately grew defensive, tensing slightly.

" What?"

" I just can't believe you fought off a vampire and won," Koby said, tapping the blade of his dagger against the palm of his hand. " Do you have any idea of how impossible that is?"

Duo smirked. " Not if you're trained to fight."

Jen sipped her coffee and blanched. " Needs more sugar," she muttered, reaching back into the wonder-windbreaker. Out came another sugar packet. " Trained to fight? What, you take karate or something kid? "

" Probably judo," Koby mused thoughtfully. " That was a nice throw."

Duo shrugged. " If you say so." He then slammed his hand down on the small, water-marked table and stared at them evenly. " Let's quit with the casual, okay? I want to know what's going on." He stared at his outstretched hand, and watched as his fingers curled into a fist. " I killed...something tonight. It turned to dust. " His voice grew slightly shakey. " People don't turn to dust!"

" Vampires aren't people," Jen shrugged. " They're blood-sucking demons that need to be exterminated."

Her tone, though mild, revealed a deep underlying hatred and bitterness. Duo blinked at the intensity of her words. He turned to see Koby nodding.

" Don't feel guilty about what you did. If you hadn't killed it, it would have killed you instead."

Duo gripped the end of his braid, running his hands over it, tugging it gently as he contemplated what he was hearing. His braid was always a calming device. He remembered how Heero would tug on it after he woke from a nightmare. Not a harsh pull, but just enough to let Duo know he wasn't alone. Or when he'd been injured in a battle and stuck in the safehouse with Quatre - even while unconscious, he could feel Quatre brushing his hair for him and it soothed more then anything else could have. Now it was doing the same thing. Focusing on freeing the tangles from the end of the three-foot mass, he felt his earlier panic start to wash away, and the warrior part of him, the part that piloted Shinigami with a laugh and a whirl, came to the forefront.

Taking a deep breath, he released it, and looked at Koby. " So give me the whole deal."

Koby nodded, looking at Jen quickly. She shrugged and sipped her coffee, wincing again and rooting through her jacket for more sugar. He grinned and turned back to Duo.

" Where to start....well, I'll start by telling you about that thing you killed."

" Vampires," Duo said, settling himself comfortably.

" Vampires," Koby sighed. " Vampires have been around for centuries, ever since the first was created back around 900AD. It's name was Valik; he was created by the Roman church accidentally when an exorcism went wrong." Koby shook his head as he spoke - the stupidity of humanity never ceased to amaze him. " To make a long story short, Valik began making other vampires and he came to the new world - what's now North America. He was following the cross, an ebony black cross about three feet high, that had been used during his failed exorcism, knowing it harnessed a great deal of power. If he could get the cross, he could complete his exorcism and finish a transformation into a demonic being; a full vampire, one that could walk in the daylight."

Duo regarded him skeptically. " Daylight, huh?"

" Yup," Jen stood up, setting her coffee cup back on the table. " Goons in the light, snacking on the innocent anytime they feel peckish. Isn't that lovely?"

Duo chose to ignore that question.

" If I may?" Koby glared at the two of them. " Anyway, Valik was defeated by a man named Jack Crow - the best vampire hunter of the twenty-first century." He grimaced. " He was lucky - at the time, he was working on behalf of the Vatican, and the Cardinal he reported to struck a deal with Valik. Immortality for the ability to walk in sunlight. Jack was livid and went on a vamp killing spree. It really was unusual because Jack remains the first and last human who was ever scratched by a Master Vampire and didn't turn."

" Turn?"

" Become a vamp," Jen clarified.

" Oh."

" Jack became legendary after he killed Valik, " Koby continued. " He left the cross to burn in the fire, but when he went to check later on, the cross was sitting on a pile of ashes, completely unscathed. He figured its power was protecting it and he took it with him and his new partner at the time, a young priest named Father Michaels. They spent their lives tracking down other Master Vampires and guarding the cross."

" But you said he killed the Master Vampire?" Duo questioned, shooting him a confused look. " Didn't you?"

" He killed Valik, Master of all Vampires, yes, but there were still more vamps out there. Just none, nearly as powerful as Valik. A goon's power comes with age, and none had ever lived so long as him."

" Where's the cross now?"

" It's safe with our team, at an undisclosed location."

Undisclosed ocation. Duo bit back a grin. Jen scowled at the sign of him trying to not to laugh.

" We're being serious."

" Okay, okay." Duo shrugged. " So what were you guys doing here then? Was it just a coincidence, or are you gonna start spoutin' off about fate and cosmic destiny? 'Cause I gotta tell ya, I never did buy into all that intertwining threads mumbo-jumbo."

Jen shrugged. " Dunno."

Her partner glared at her before looking back at the American. " You didn't buy into vampires before tonight either."

" Touche`."

" What I still don't get is that you beat a vamp in a fight!" Jen stuck her face in into Duo's, scrutinizing him intently. " Vamps have increased speed and are much stronger then any human. You looked like you were just sparring with it or something."

" I thought he was your normal, run-of-the-mill psycho mugger," Duo shrugged, tracing the rim of his mug with his finger. " Not a big deal."

" That's where you're wrong, " Koby spoke up, grey eyes deadly serious. " How were you able to do it?" He peered at the boy. " Who are you?"

Duo felt his unease return as that level gaze bored into him. It reminded him of Heero's death glare, and as soon as that thought crossed his mind, he perked up. He'd been granted immunity from those intimidating looks ages ago.

" Why should I tell you?" he countered, instead. " Who are you to know so much about vampires?"

Koby and Jen exchanged knowing looks and the brunnette gave a short nod. Koby returned the gesture and blew the breath out between his teeth as he contemplated the best way to tell their story.

" Well....when John Crow passed away, his legacy was passed down to his children. His son Jack Jr, was trained to fight vamps, and he in turn passed it to his son Benjamin--" Koby grinned at Duo. "--who passed it on to me."

Duo blinked at the realization. " So you're saying you're a direct descendant of Jack Crow."

" Great-grandson, to be exact," he admitted modestly.

" And you fight vampires," Duo continued. He waved his hand at Jen who was muttering obscenities at her coffee while rummaging for more sugar packets. " Just the two of you?"

" The vamp population is lower then it used to be," Jen explained, smiling triumphantly as she found the last packet. " It must be the water poisening my coffee."

" Of course it would NEVER be the brew itself," Koby muttered.

" Some of us like it strong."

" Coffee wasn't meant to be walked on."

" Shut up. Anyway, the war, bad as it was for us humans, was even worse for goons. Fire kills goons, and exploding buildings and mobile suits create a lot of fires."

" Plus those buildings constantly getting destroyed wiped out any cover a lot of goons might have had. Goons like warehouses: dark, locked up and rarely used, but still near the human population," Koby added. " Those, whaddaya call 'em--"

" Gundams," Jen supplied helpfully. " Some of us actually watch the news."

"--Gundams," the man continued, ignoring the barb. " They targeted a lot of factories and their surrounding storage areas - prime goon nesting grounds." He stopped, noticing that Duo had turned pale at the mention of Gundams, and he leaned over, concerned. " You okay kid?"

" Uh yeah," Duo smiled but it failed to reach his eyes. " So to you, Gundams were a good thing?"

Koby sat back again, still watching him carefully. " 'Bout as good as anything about a war can be."

" Oh." Duo felt like he'd been dealt a hammer blow right between the eyes. After years of being called a terrorist and/or mass murderer, it was very strange hearing about the destruction he and his fellow pilots had caused, in a favorable light. He shook his head, focusing back on the main issue. " So what - it's just you two against the world now?"

" We're part of a team," Jen said simply. " We have three more members out combing the streets right now. Our intel reported a new Kiss in the area."

" Kiss?"

" A group of vampires," Koby clarified.

" Oh." Duo had been saying that word a lot tonight.

" The five of us operate alone," Koby continued. " There's other vampire teams around the world but we're an anomaly."

" What do you mean by anomaly?" Duo was intrigued.

" After the betrayal by the Cardinal, Jack severed all ties with the Vatican, saying he'd fight on his own terms. Father Michaels joined him and they tracked down the nests of hundreds of vamps."

" They had the highest kill ratio of any other hunters, and were the longest surving goon-killers in history," Jen said reverently. " 'Cause after killing the Master of Master Vamps, all the other goons feared him. Big-time."

Koby nodded. " We follow my great-grandfather's way. we have no ties to the church - well, no formal ties anyway. They hire us to help their teams out all the time but we're on our own, provide our own funding." He quirked a smile at the captivated American. " We're the best, the elite. The Vatican's gone through so many teams it'd be laughable if it weren't so serious."

" I'm suitably impressed," Duo remarked wryly.

" Enough about us for now though," Jen cut in sharply. She smiled endearingly at Duo but her eyes were still as hard as stone. " Now it's your turn."

Duo shrugged. It was only fair after all.

" My name is Duo Maxwell. I run, I hide, but I never lie. An American psycho, irrepressible prankster and all-around loveable guy." He looked up and met their amused faces with the manic grin he was so famous for. " But you might know me from something else."

He stuck out his hand.

" Duo Maxwell." His teeth gleamed. " Pilot 02 of those Gundams you like so much."

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