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This is a sequel to 'Nights of Fire'
Pairing: 1X2
Warnings: Yaoi alert! NC-17! Ya hear me?! That means lemon! Houston we have 1x2 lemon! *Hentai grin * So if ya don't want to read about two guys getting graphic then naff off. This is your last warning. Got it? Good. Horrible stereotyping of Quatre. And I do mean flaming. He'll never forgive me for it. Plus I can't write worth a figgin so… I'm probably putting you off now aren't I? Wait! Come back! It's not that bad…

Kiss in the Dark
by Tayles

Friday night. Pizza was ordered. Pizza was consumed. More pizza was ordered and this time it was kept away from Duo. Then boredom set in.

"I'm bored…" Duo complained as he lay sprawled across the sofa and Heero's lap.

"There's a good movie on," suggested Wufei.

"No!" four other pilots yelled before he could grab the remote. "No more kung-fu movies," added Heero darkly.

Quatre looked up from his book and smiled nervously. "Um, I do believe it's Duo's turn to choose what we do for the night."

"Really?" Duo's violet eyes lit up.

Trowa rolled his visible eye and sighed. "Now you've done it," he reprimanded his blonde lover. Quatre just hid a smile, knowing that whatever Duo chose to do would result in a fun night. Wherever his braided friend chose to lead them he would follow just to see what would happen.

"Let's go out!"

As usual Quatre was not disappointed.

"This is great!" screamed Duo over the booming music of the club. The others just looked around in apprehension. The club was made up of a huge attic with a dance floor dominating the right hand side of the room. It was packed with people dancing in and around the wide barred cages and the mirrored walls. The bar was at the far end and the left-hand wall was lined with couches and chairs and tables. Heero immediately began to move to the bar but Duo grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Oh no you don't! You're gonna come dance with me!"

Heero glanced at the heaving floor and narrowed his eyes. "No way." Duo gave him a pouting look and batted his eyelashes.

"Please?" His eyes flashed dangerously. "Or I'll hide your laptop again."

Usually Heero would have growled something like "you wouldn't dare" but he knew all too well that the braided boy would dare and would indeed carry out his threat if he didn't get what he wanted. He could be as stubborn as Heero himself when he wanted. Grumbling, the Japanese boy allowed himself to be pulled onto the floor and right to the centre of the press of bodies.

"Hey!" he yelped, looking around angrily, "Someone just grabbed at me!" Duo chuckled and began to sway his hips in time to the beat, arms draped languidly over Heero's shoulders.

"So?" Sliding his hands around Heero and down his back he gave the boy's butt a firm squeeze, revelling in the gasp that escaped Heero's lips. "Better get used to it, Baby."

Wufei was uttering low curses as he, Trowa and Quatre finally managed to squeeze their way through to the bar.

"You just had to tell him it was his turn, didn't you? Now we'll be stuck here all evening."

Trowa looped an arm round Quatre's waist to avoid losing the shorter boy in the crowd and replied with feigned casualness, "You seemed to enjoy yourself the last time he dragged us out."

Quatre quickly joined in the accusation. "Yeah. You seemed to be a real hit with the women. And I do believe you kept Sakura's phone number."

"Too embarrassed to call her though," Trowa added offhandedly. Ignoring Wufei's spluttering attempt at a comeback he turned and ordered their drinks from the guy behind the bar. "You want to dance, little one?" he asked the Arab as he handed him his alcopop, "or do you just want to sit for a while?" He watched with a small smile as Quatre's brow furrowed in thought for a moment before clearing.

"Sit, for now. But don't think I won't have you on that dance floor before long!" Trowa nodded and led him and the still complaining Chinese boy to a free area of the seating.



"Pretty please?"


"Pretty, pretty please with cherries on top?"

"Hmm… no."

"Why not?"

Heero gave Duo a look that said it was obvious why not but the braided boy just looked back expectantly. "Because everyone can see us."

"Duh Heero, that's the idea!"

"But we're supposed to be undercover!" Duo just snorted at that comment. He knew as well as anyone that the OZ presence in this town was minimal, and who in their right mind was going to be looking for the Gundam Pilots in a night club? Heero still shook his head vehemently as he tried to back away through the crowd. "Duo there is no way on earth, space or colony that you are getting me into that cage." He eyed the raised platform and bars that surrounded it with obvious distress.

Duo chose that moment to whisper a few words into his boyfriend's ear. "Pretty please? For me? I'll make it worth your while…" He trailed off, raising an eyebrow and letting a suggestive smile curve his lips. Whilst Heero's mind ran over that thought Duo took his hands and led him into the caged area, recently vacated by several energetic dancers now heading for the bar. Once inside he pulled the Japanese boy close and coaxed his body into a simple dance to the throbbing music.

Finally Heero put his mouth close to Duo's ear and asked, "How? How will you make it worth my while?" He answered his own question with a gasp as Duo brought their hips together with a bump and began moving to the rhythm filling the room.

"Anyway you want me to, Baby," the braided boy purred back. "Come on, let's give them a show."

Unfortunately for Wufei he had just taken a mouthful of drink when he spotted the dancers. Unfortunately for Trowa he was opposite Wufei at the time and only narrowly dodged as Wufei spat it out again in shock.

"I… " He stopped to cough before trying again. "I do not believe it!"

"What?" asked the blond, rubbing the boy's back in an attempt to stop the spluttering that came from inhaling a drink. As it was Wufei couldn't talk and merely pointed towards the gyrating bodies of Pilot 01 and Pilot 02 with a flustered gaping.

"Cool!" That was Quatre of course. He was instantly on his feet and smiling hopefully at Trowa. "Can we? Please? Let's go!"

"Quatre…" Trowa began to protest but was already being tugged insistently towards their friends. "Why do I always let him do this to me?" he asked anyone in passing before he found himself being pulled against the blonde's swaying body. He shook his head as he matched his boyfriend's pace and decided that he definitely was never letting Quatre near alcohol ever again.

"Nice of you to join us, guys!" Duo called, pausing in his exertions momentarily. "No Wu-man?"

"What do you honestly think?" called back Trowa, nodding to the sullenly sitting Chinese boy.

"Such a wallflower," Quatre said sadly, "He really needs someone to bring him out of his shell."


The Shenlong pilot had no time to turn towards the familiar voice before a pair of arms were thrown around his neck and he was toppling backwards onto the couch. He looked up into dark, smiling eyes and nearly smiled back before he realised that Sakura was lying on top of him in a way he really shouldn't be thinking about too closely.

"Well, are you going to say hello?" she asked brightly after he had struggled into a sitting position.

"Hello Sakura."

"Gee!" she said, pouting, "Could you sound a little less enthusiastic to see me? I had given up all hope of ever seeing you again!"

"Sorry," he mumbled, apologising but not explaining why he had failed to contact the bubbly girl he had met the other week.

"That's ok." Sakura sat herself properly on the sofa next to Wufei, tugging her dress from its state of disarray caused by the glomping. "It's not like you expect to develop a serious relationship with someone you've met once in a night club."

"It isn't?" Wufei asked, and he wasn't disappointed, he told himself.

"No." She turned to him with a sly smile. "Twice however…"

Duo pulled away from Heero's hungry mouth and took a deep gulp of air, winking at the other boy. He wasn't even sure you could legally call what they were doing 'dancing' anymore: their arms were wrapped tightly around each other, hands exploring exposed skin without abashment. Their bodies were pressed together from knee to chest, slick with sweat and relentless in their movement. And nobody around them seemed to be bothered, all engrossed in their own actions.

"Told you you'd enjoy it once we got here," Duo whispered into Heero's ear as he ground his hips against the growing hardness he could feel against his thigh. The gasp that rewarded him made him smile and his wandering lips danced over Heero's collarbone.

"Duo…" the other managed to breathe, if somewhat erratically, "People can see us."

"Hush Baby," he murmured back, "No one's looking." His mouth returned to claim Heero's before he could protest again and he felt the boy give up his cares then. He allowed his fingers to trail up under the back of the boy's shirt and skitter over the hot skin, possessively marking it as his. Duo shivered delightedly as he felt Heero’s hands resume their own exploration, teasing the edge of the clinging black tee shirt, cool in contrast to the burning of Duo’s skin.

The song changed to an even faster pace and the bodies around them became a blur of movement. Quatre and Trowa next to them faded away as the mass of dancers pressed closer. Pushed tightly together in the crowd, Duo's hands made a final sweep down Heero's torso and settled suggestively on the waistband of black jeans.

"Nobody's looking," he repeated, swaying forward with a grin to steal a taste of the other boy's lips. "Nobody knows what they're missing out on." Heero was panting now, quiet little puffs of air tickling Duo's face. His eyes rested on Duo's fingers for a moment, watching with growing excitement as those slender digits slid the button out of its hole and moved to settle on his zipper. He snapped his head up to see the smirk on the impish face before him and then inhaled sharply as he felt a hand move to cup him inside his jeans.

"Duo…" he growled a warning, even as his hips arched into the touch. Violet eyes met cobalt with a feral glint.

"I hear you Baby." Duo placed a kiss on the other's nose. "Let's take this someplace else."

"Where?" asked Heero desperately, eyes searching the suddenly too crowded club for somewhere, anywhere…

"Where else?" asked Duo with a grin. "The Mens room!" He grabbed Heero's hand and began an eager race towards the toilets, dodging and weaving between the faceless dancers. Pushing the door open quickly, he dashed in, relieved to see that there was no one else in the room. Heero entered more cautiously, checking each stall before turning back to his boyfriend.

"I'm not sure about this."

"Heero…" Duo began petulantly before seeing that Heero's nerves had nothing to do with being in a public place. "Oh, baby…" he cooed as he stepped up to Heero and brushed his fingers over the smooth cheek. "What do you want to do, hmm?"

Heero’s eyes closed as he thought through his options.

Duo watched the emotions play across his boyfriend’s face before closing his own eyes and offering a hopeful prayer to whoever was listening. He wanted. He wanted badly. He wanted the beautiful Japanese boy with every fibre of his body. His blood was singing in his veins. Heero had opened up so much since the last time they had been in a club like this, since their first kiss. His eyes, when they looked at Duo, were no longer cold and devoid of feeling, but true windows to his soul. And, no matter how long it took the Wing pilot to admit it, what Duo saw shining out of those cobalt windows was love. And because Duo loved Heero he would walk away now if that was the other boy’s decision tonight. A sharp twinge in both his heart and groin prayed that wouldn’t be the case.

His eyes opened in surprise as felt his hips pushed back against the sink, Heero pressed against him insistently. His lips were taken and his mouth plundered as he let the Japanese boy dominate him. He needed to be in control of this situation, Duo realised as he melted into the kiss.

Those demanding lips left his mouth to nip and torture the sensitive skin of his neck aggressively, as cool fingers found their way up under his sleeveless tee shirt to claim the skin there as well. Wordlessly Duo simply clung to Heero, breathing in the scent of his hair and trying to hear the rapid beat of his heart over that of the music.

Wufei separated from Sakura a little reluctantly as Trowa and Quatre walked over to their table. The taller boy pulled the blond to sit in his lap as he turned to Wufei.

"Have you seen Heero and Duo?" he asked, not asking why Wufei was hastily wiping traces of lipstick from his face or why Sakura was tugging her dress straps back into place.

The Chinese boy narrowed his eyes at them. "No. Why? I thought they were with you."

Quatre giggled, the alcohol in his system making him adorable if slightly annoying. "They were. Then, poof," here he made an expressive gesture with his hands, "they were gone." He giggled again.

Trowa shook his head, pulling the boy closer to him on his lap and allowing him to use his shoulder as a headrest. "Translation: they vanished."

"Are you guys blind or just stupid?" Three pairs of eyes swivelled to look at Sakura who was smirking. "They were all over each other and it was getting heated. They’ve probably gone somewhere for a little nookie."

Wufei pulled a face. "Woman, I really wish you hadn’t said that!"

The smirk on Sakura’s face only grew wider. "Why not? Maybe you need some nookie too…"

Quatre let out a delighted squeal as a red blush covered the other boy’s face and his jaw dropped. The blond giggled again and clapped his hands gleefully. "Oh Wufei, I like her!"

"Hopefully not as much as Wufei does," Trowa commented quietly, reaching across the table to close the still stunned Chinese boy’s mouth before something flew in it.

"Nope," Quatre chimed happily, kissing Trowa’s neck. "Cos she’s a girl and I like girls but not like I like guys and definitely not like I like you." With an evil grin on his face the blond wriggled on his lover’s lap, earning him a moan and a smack on the leg.

"Don’t you dare, little one."

A pout was turned his way. "Duo and Heero get nookie. Wufei gets nookie. Why don’t I get nookie?"

Finally Wufei seemed to snap out of his trance long enough to cry, "Can we please stop using the word ‘nookie’?!"

Arms suddenly tightened around Duo's waist and he found himself being lifted up, ankles twining behind Heero's back as he was carried into one of the stalls. Good move, he thought to himself. Wouldn't want any unsuspecting innocents to walk in on this X-rated action . The rush of the threat of being caught, and the need for haste only added to the mounting sensations flooding his mind and body.

Heero moved to sit down but Duo managed to grind out, "Door," just in time. He was briefly pressed back up against the stall door as one of Heero's hands scrabbled to find and shoot home the bolt, lips never parting from his partner's. Heero sat down on the thankfully closed seat, pulling Duo so he was straddling him with their erections colliding whenever they moved. Their mouths only parted to gasp as friction mounted between them. Wordlessly, they both began pulling at each others clothes: the tee shirt shucked from Duo's body and dropped to the floor, Heero's shirt completely unbuttoned and hanging awkwardly from his elbows as they continued to rub against one another. Sweat slicked chests slid together, limbs tangling, desperate fingers ripping at trouser fastenings. Duo's hands fumbled to pull the suddenly too tight denim from Heero's hips, ungraciously shoving the jeans behind him and down to the other boy's knees. Heero's hands were down the back of Duo's hastily unzipped pants, cupping and kneading with frantic urgency.

Duo pulled away with a moan and tilted his head back only to have Heero's tongue rasp and drag against his throat. He stifled another purr of pleasure and attempted to form a coherent sentence out of his muddled thoughts. "Hee… ooh… Heero… we need… mmm… wait, we need… stuff…"

"Lubrication?" was Heero's panted query, breaking from Duo's neck to look back and forth between the two wide violet eyes in front of him. Duo nodded, mouth hanging open as he gulped oxygen into his lungs. Quickly Heero's fingers dipped into the braided boy's back pocket, bringing the tube concealed there into view. "This?"

Duo's already flushed face darkened a shade. "Yeah, that." He grinned when Heero merely raised an eyebrow. "Well, never hurts to be prepared," he said by way of explanation with a shrug and a leer, leaning forwards for another heated meeting of mouths. Still kissing, he took the lube from Heero's hand and deftly twisted the cap off with one hand. He grabbed Heero's hand from where it had fallen to his hip and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers. He stood up, still bending so as not to break the kiss until absolutely necessary, and removed his pants. Heero's eyes widened momentarily before something akin to a smile curved his lips.

"No underwear?" he asked with feigned indifference.

Duo snorted. "With these pants? What would be the point?"

"Hn," was all that was audible of Heero's grunted agreement before mouths and tongues met once more. Easing Heero into the knowledge of what needed to be done, Duo took the boy's slick fingers and manoeuvred them beneath his own body. The kiss ceased with lips to be continued with a look as their eyes met and Duo pushed one of Heero's fingers into him.

"And you really will call this time?" Sakura asked coyly, batting long lashes at Wufei. He gave an amused snort and glared at her.

"I gave you my word, woman, what more do you want?"

She grinned and her dark eyes glinted in the flash of the lights. "Well, if I told you that now we might end up in the same situation as your friends, hm?"

She pressed a kiss to the boy's lips before he could splutter with indignation and turned to go, casting a wave and a wink over her shoulder. Quatre waved back until she was long gone and then turned to a gaping Wufei. "Shame she had to go early, huh Wufei?"

He nodded blankly, still looking in the direction she had left.

Trowa rolled his eyes before checking his watch. "I'd say we should be going too but our wayward pilots have yet to return." He cast a glance around the crowd and was not surprised to find no trace of their fellow soldiers. With a shrug he looked down at Quatre, who was still laughing quietly at Wufei. "Might as well enjoy it while we can. Dance, little one?"

A sunny grin was bestowed upon him. "Yes please!"

Duo's moans had turned into one keening wail, harmonising with the echoing pulse of the music as he rode himself up and down Heero's fingers. "Ohhhh my god…"

Heero watched in rapt fascination as Duo's face contorted into an ecstatic grimace of pleasure-pain. The sight was driving him deeper into heady passion as he gazed at his lover. Head thrown back and braid starting to unravel itself he looked wild and wanton and never more stunning then at this moment. Low-lidded eyes opened heavily to glow down at Heero.

"Need you… now…"

And then, without warning, Duo's lips were on his, pressing as if to bruise, tongue forcing it's way into his mouth and running rampant. He tasted like the heavy air within the club - stale with smoke, sharp with vodka and tingling with raging pheromones. The tips of chestnut hair tickled against his thighs, adding a gentle counterpoint to the near violent force of Duo's kiss.

He was only vaguely aware when his wrist was held and his slick fingers drawn away from the body above him. Heero's eyes flew open, his gasp stifled by Duo's mouth, as tight heat surrounded him, dragging downwards with agonising slowness. He was able to grind out Duo's name against his lips before all sense left his brain. Inch by incredible inch Duo pressed down, groaning into Heero's mouth as he was stretched and filled completely, the sensations washing over him in waves. He finally broke their kiss to gasp for air, burying his face against Heero's shoulder and nestling there, lips pressed against his damp neck.

"Oh God… Heero… move…"

It was an order the blue-eyed boy obeyed only too eagerly, hips thrusting in shallow motions as he tightened his grip on Duo's waist. Eyes sliding shut once more, Heero arched his back as they found a rhythm, alternating sharp jutting with leisurely strokes, friction and temperature, emotions and sensations, rising and building towards a foreseeable crescendo. Pleasure so extreme it edged on pain was dragging over raw nerve endings within his mind, his entire being focussing on the boy in his arms and the movement of their joined bodies. Fingers dug into his back as Duo moved with him, rubbing his own arousal between their bellies. Without thinking, Heero reached down and stroked him in time to their thrusts, drawing a strangled noise with each motion.

Lips sought one another once more as the peak was neared and desperate panting filled the air. It was too much, it wasn't enough, it was everything they'd ever dreamt they'd feel and there was still more to come. Tension ran through bodies like a taught wire suspending them together over an endless chasm. Driving, pushing, nearer and nearer, the wire stretching and ready to snap as ecstasy welled up around them. For a heart-stopping, mind-numbing moment movement ceased and twin cries were lost to the thump of music from the dance floor. Hot mouths, wet and savouring, collided before both boys fell into the abyss.

The DJ announced the final tune of the night and a smooth trance track filled the air. Bodies swayed languidly to the beat, delaying the inevitable return to reality by loosing themselves in the motion and music offered by the club.

"They've got until the end of this song to show their faces or I'm going without them!" Wufei was standing on the very edge of the dance floor, glaring at the crowd in search of the two missing pilots. Quatre and Trowa were held loosely by the flow of the crowd and the tempo, enjoying themselves before the night came to an end.

Quatre turned a playful pout towards the Chinese boy. "Wufei, it's the last song."

Onyx eyes narrowed. "Your point?"

"Aren't you going to dance?"

He snorted. "I don't dance."

Quatre chuckled and reached out to pull Wufei that final step onto the floor. "Then why are you tapping your foot and nodding your head?" he asked sweetly. Even Trowa had laugh as the blond coaxed the stubborn boy into a subtle, swaying dance.

"Shut up, Barton." But it was half-hearted as they rejoined the crowd of the club for the final dance.

"That was…"



"Can we do it again?"

"… Baka…"


"We should probably go find the others."




"I… I love you."

"Mmm, I know you do."

"… Do you-"

"You know I do."

"Say it?"

"I love you, Heero Yuy. Better?"



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