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Physical Attraction
by Tayles

So blue. That’s what had me hooked. The impossible, beautiful blue that was without end. Heero Yuy had the most incredibly blue eyes. Even as I called him the bad guy and those eyes looked up at me with something akin to hatred I was falling for him.

That hair. The first thing anyone noticed about Duo Maxwell was that long length of braid. Even after two gunshot wounds I still found myself wondering what it would feel like to touch that hair, to have it against my skin. It fascinated me.

Those eyes of his were usually darkened by the ever-present scowl but even when he glowered they were beautiful. I often wondered what they would look like lightened by a smile, sparkling with excitement, dilated in lust. I spent many a waking hour visualising those eyes in all sorts of moods – and always directed at me.

I took to drawing sketches of him: the haphazard bangs that fell onto the impish face, the indescribable shade of his eyes, the way the light would catch the copper strands in the otherwise chestnut hair. I would have died if anyone had found them. The dreams came soon after. My hands bound by the rope of hair, my lips tickled with the brush like tips, quickly followed by a hot mouth. And I always woke up gasping, and longing for more then just dreams.

Yet, as much as I longed for those eyes to focus on no one but me I soon realised it wasn’t going to happen. Heero was too damn straight to fall for a weak Sweeper-boy like me. Or the crazed killer that was Shinigami. And there was that honey-haired girl always my competition. With her grace and air and prissy-peace-preaching ways. Heero was a prize I had no hope of winning. So I let those eyes slip away from me.

There was the odd moment when I’d think Duo felt the same way: when he’d toy seductively with the end of that braid, biting his full lower lip and gaze at me from across the room. But then he just seemed to back away. The coyness, the laughter stopped. For a long while my last memory of him was that braid I loved so much, swaying behind him as he walked out of the hangar, almost giving me a mocking wave as I let that boy leave my life.

When I saw those eyes again it took me completely by surprise. I was just walking down the street like I did every morning; paper tucked under one arm and a polystyrene cup of bitter coffee in one hand. I rounded the corner for home and found myself drowning in blue. My memories had been lying to me. They were even more incredible then I had remembered. And so very blue…

In truth I had been looking for him. Hilde had told me where to find him and I had just been waiting for an excuse to see him to present itself. As it was I nearly stumbled right into him as I walked down the road. The braid was bobbing over his shoulder in greeting and narrowly missed being drenched in coffee as he let out a startled gasp. Whether it was because he was happy or upset to see me I had yet to find out.

I barely managed to make my brain form a simple greeting as I lost myself in his eyes. "Ohayo Heero." He made his usual grunted reply. "What you doing here?" Those eyes moved to look at the floor as he replied, "Looking for you." My heart began a triple-step at his words. "Really?" Look at me, just look at me, please look at me…

"Hn." Why couldn’t I talk to him? Now that he was here, right in front of me, my mind seemed to turn to jelly and I could do nothing but grunt. I couldn’t even bring myself to look at his gorgeous hair. He was fine here without me; I should never have come here… "It’s been a while Heero," he was saying, words slowly filtering into my conscious, "wanna come back to my place?" That was it. The little nudge in the right direction I needed. I nodded, went to grunt again but stopped myself in time to say "Sure, if you don’t mind."

Mind? Me? I was elated just to see him, only yesterday having him sitting in my living room would have been too much to dream. Now here he was, drinking that green tea stuff I always knew he preferred to coffee and had bought unconsciously at the store. Still silent as always but he was here. It was a little painful to be so close to him and not know why he was looking for me but I contented myself with secretly watching those eyes and committing every fleck in them to memory. Finally I could stand the quiet no longer. "Why were you looking for me? Do the Preventers need me on board for something? Did you get bored playing Relena’s bodyguard? What’s up?"

Was it just me being hopeful or was there a bitterness in his voice when he said Relena’s name? Was he jealous? Shaking my head I answered honestly, "I just wanted to see you." Violet eyes widened imperceptibly and a slim hand reached down to play with the braid in a self-conscious manner. "Me? And what can this braided baka do for you?" he asked in a subdued voice. My mind provided me with lots of things the boy could do for me but instead I just responded "I missed you."

Did I hear that right? He missed me! Does he mean…? Could he possibly…

Was that the wrong thing to say? He went all quiet and the toying with the braid became more nervous. Doing my best to remain calm I reached over and removed the hair from his hands in an attempt to cease the worried gesture. I knew instantly it had been the wrong thing to do. But it was too late. I was touching his hair, stroking it lightly with my thumb, all the while painfully aware of his bewildered gaze. It was softer then I’d imagined, almost like silken strands and again I began to imagine what it would be like to be cloaked in the stuff…

"Heero?" I asked quietly. He had taken the end of my braid from my fiddling hands and was… he was mesmerised with it. He looked up at me slowly, still smoothing his fingers over my hair and I was locked with those eyes. As I gazed into them I realised it was now or never, I had to say something. "I’ve always loved your hair," he murmured before I could say anything. "I… What?" "Your hair," he said, indicating the braid in his hand, "I loved it as soon as I saw it ." To my amazement he raised the braid to his mouth and brushed the end along his lips. I couldn’t help but let out a moan as his eyes remained fixed on mine as my hair touched his skin.

Hearing that moan was like a dream come true. It expressed everything. He managed a smile as I continued to caress my lips with his hair and I noticed that he was staring unwavering into my eyes. "It’s your eyes that got me ," he said as he continued to gaze at me. I didn’t panic as he leaned towards me, eyes searching mine for hesitation and, seeing none, he caught my lips with his. Duo was kissing me.

I was kissing Heero. The thought hit me like a shuttle and I backed away from the blue eyes that stared a hole in me. I held my breath, waiting for him to respond in some way, any way, hoping that he wouldn’t go cataclysmic on me. I had forgotten that he still had hold of my hair. I couldn’t move further then arms reach and when I did he just reeled me back in by my length of braid. And then he was kissing me.

He was pulling away, upset that I would be offended. I didn’t want to break that moment so I did the only thing I could at the time. I used his braid to pull his mouth back to me and wrapped the hair around my hand like a rope. I was not going to let him escape me again. Without breaking the kiss I tugged his braid, urging him closer. He complied readily, leaning into the kiss properly and I felt an arm go around me.

His lips were so soft against mine. That was my first coherent thought as the shock dissipated. I felt a bubbling inside me as he pulled me closer, fingers still embedded in my hair, and then I was crawling into his lap, my own hands finding their way into his unruly locks as my tongue found it’s way into his mouth. After a long breathless kiss we pulled away only slightly and those blue eyes glittered up at me. "I want you Heero Yuy." The whispered words were out of my mouth before I could bite them back.

It was all my dreams coming true and more. He was on top of me, telling me he wanted me and that hair was twisted around my fingers like a chain. I allowed his weight to lower my back flat on to the couch. "Then take me Duo Maxwell." He ducked down for another soul-searing kiss even as his hands began a thorough exploration of my body.

It was all I could do not to cry for joy as my hands roamed his shoulders, his back, his butt; all the while our tongues duelled it out for dominance. Too late for that though. Heero had submitted to me. My hands soon found their hasty way up and under that familiar tank top, wresting a gasp from him as I toyed with the twin nubs there. His skin was warm and getting hotter beneath my hands, soft despite the scars that my fingers brushed against. Without warning I jerked the tank top from his body, throwing it away to some corner of the room only to be forgotten about.

Taking that as my cue I began tugging the black top from him, buttons popping far too slow, and he let me pull it over his head. His mouth sought mine again, electricity sparking as our bared chests met skin to skin. It was like poetry: the way he moved so assuredly, hands going to all the right places to make me feel just right. His mouth left a heated trail from the corner of my lips, gradually progressing to my jaw, then my neck, then my collar, then… I gasped, as teeth nipped playfully at my exposed chest, a rough tongue then passing over the aching skin. If only I'd known it would feel this good…

I looked back up at his face just in time to see those eyes, half lidded and glazed, slide shut with a moan of pleasure. It was everything I'd imagined and more. More! I could feel him, hard and pressed against my hip. Experimentally I ground against him, both of us hissing through clenched teeth at exquisite friction. Heero's hands were instantly at my waist, tugging impatiently at the fastening of my trousers.

"Off!" I groaned, incapable of forming proper sentences. My fingers were shaking too much to work the buttons of his pants and I could do no more then tug at them ineffectively. Damn! Too much, too much sensation flooding me. Nothing I had ever experienced before had prepared me for this, as his lips kissed a swathe down my chest, fingers fumbling with our clothes. His eyes were bright and his skin glowing with anticipation - he looked more beautiful then anything I'd ever seen before. Then his hips again thrust against mine and thought gave way to pure feeling.

He was growling, low in his throat, animal like as I finally managed to remove both our pants, letting them fall to the floor unheeded. That left us in just our boxers… I'm on top of Heero Yuy - gorgeous, perfect, blue-eyed Heero Yuy - and we're in nothing but our underwear, erections pressed together, him growling beneath me… shit, I must have died and gone to heaven! Mentally throwing a V-sign for my current situation I moved lower, straddling his ankles now as my lips brushed across the dark line of hair that disappeared into his shorts. He squirmed; knowing what was coming next, breath coming more rapidly, but my hands on his hips kept him from bucking.

He looked up at me with a seductive smirk before heated fingers drew my shorts down. He let out a low whistle as his eyes dropped to my lap. "Heero Yuy where have you been all my life ?" An answer was impossible though as he pursed his lips and blew a cold stream air over me, my muscles bunching and a shiver passing through me involuntarily. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, couldn't do anything but feel my entire being centred on what he was doing to me… Suction, moist and warm, nothing else in the world mattered but his lips and tongue on me, oh my god… head thrown back and legs spread I felt wicked and wanton and, god, I wanted more.

I looked up, surprised, when I felt his hand tangle in my hair and pull my face up to look at him. Sweat made his bangs stick to his forehead and his chest was heaving. I gave him a quizzical look even as my hand continued the motion my mouth had left off moments earlier. "Duo," he managed to gasp eventually. He blushed, paused again. "I don't want… not like this…" I raised an eyebrow at him, knowing what it was he meant but wanting confirmation. "What do you want Heero?" "You, I want to feel you…" One last chance to stop… "You sure?" His eyes met mine, that gorgeous blue melting right through me. "Positive." That was all I needed to hear. I dropped a kiss on him and sprinted for the bathroom.

His braid, messy now from the actions of my fingers, trailed round the doorway after him. I could guess what he was going to get. I could hear the cabinet in the bathroom as it was wrenched open, the scattering of bottles on the tiles and then a triumphant "Yes!" before he came skidding back round into the lounge, holding up a small tube and with a grin on his face. I just pouted at him. "What?" he asked, and his grin faded a little, an edge of nervousness entering his voice as if he'd done something wrong. I pointed at his boxers. "Those," I said, glaring at the offending article, "off. Now." And he obeyed me, swaying his hips as he slid them down as if he was performing some peep show for me. "Better?" he asked with a smile as he sauntered back to hover over the couch. "God yes."

He'd had me worried there for a minute. I really thought he'd changed his mind. But his arms were welcoming as he pulled me to him, kisses raining on my neck and shoulders. I didn’t even notice his hand sneaking round behind me until my hair suddenly fell down around us like our own private curtain to hide us from the world. He ran his fingers through the strands – my hair never interesting to me before now – seemingly in awe by the waves as they brushed his sides. The he was reaching up, pulling me down to lay on top of him once more, seizing my lips with his own. He was hot, burning to the touch and mine for the taking…

His hand took off where it had left off, an intimate caress before growing bold once again. Then I felt it – a cool, wet finger gently probing inner tissues, carefully making sure I felt no pain. And I didn’t. Too busy concentrating on the pumping of his other hand to notice when a second finger was added, stretching and lovingly preparing. Too sunk in bliss to notice when he moved and shifted position, my knees bent and raised either side of his hips, placing himself cautiously against me.

"Heero?" My voice sounded much more controlled then I felt right then, fighting the urge to take him, claim him, release the pressure I could feel building within me. He opened his eyes lazily, blue eyes focussing on me with a glow lighting them from within. "Ready?" A smile, trusting, wanting, and a nod as acquiescence. "Tell me if it hurts, 'kay? I don’t want to hurt you, baby."

And then he was doing it: pushing into me thrust by thrust, gradually settling deeper within me. People have called me a masochist before. I have known pain. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. Because it did, considerably so. But it was easily pushed aside at the incredible feelings that came with it: the sensation of being stretched and filled was overwhelming and the knowledge that it was him, that it was Duo, was dizzying. He came to a shuddering halt and rolled his hips, suddenly hitting an epicentre within me, sparking a white-hot reaction throughout my body. Gasping, I could only tighten my grip on that hair.

After that gasp I gave him, and myself, a moment to gather ourselves and get used to the new sensations. I was quietly panting as I dropped a kiss onto his raised knee. An overload – that was how I felt. A jarring mix of pleasures and sensations and emotions. I wondered what it felt like for him, worrying when I saw a frown cross his features. But I shouldn’t have worried about the Perfect Soldier. A small but insistent tightening of those muscles around me told me he was more then ready to continue. Raising up on to my knees I began a cautious rocking motion, revelling in both the gentle pleasure that tiny movement caused me and in the low moans this forced from his mouth.

His pace was slow at first; his eyes locked with mine as he rose up again and again, causing heated friction that thrilled us both. Then he finally seemed to realise that I wasn’t going to break, that this was as gratifying for me as it was for him. The pressure growing inside me doubled as he moved faster, soft grunts escaping as he did so. As if that wasn’t enough I let out a strangled cry as he moved one hand down to wrap around my own neglected arousal, the only thing I was capable of thinking was a wish that I wanted this to last forever.

I smiled in sheer delight as his head dropped back with a cry, his mouth hanging open invitingly. Never one to waste an opportunity I bent over him and kissed him with more force then I thought possible, balancing my weight over him on one hand as the other continued to move on him between us. I could feel the intense pleasure deep in my belly tightening - as much a result of the sight of him in such throes as of my own thrusting.

The double-barrelled pleasure could have lasted forever for all I desired. Until that moment I had not realised just how cold my life had been. But as the longhaired boy arched over me, harshly breathing my name, I felt utterly complete. It really was too much, physical and mental contentment, a realisation of love dawning. It was an instant of pure coincidence that we reached the pinnacle almost one after the other. I welcomed the fall as absolute release rushed up to meet me and it was only afterward I realised that I had called Duo's name as I came.

"Duo!" His voice soared to my ears as he spilled over my hand and that was it. I was over the edge and falling. My body was as taut as a bowstring for an incredible moment before a delicious collapse on top of the gasping body beneath me. Sweaty limbs tangled and groped to hold the other as close as possible. For a long while all I could utter was his name over and over as the world flooded back to me. My mouth was against his ear as our rushed breathing began to slow and I softly kissed the sensitive lobe, delighting in the satisfied sigh he breathed out.

Eventually we both lay still, our breathing calmed, our skin cooling. I turned my head to find him watching me silently, a soft smile on his face. Hesitantly I returned that smile, my confidence growing as he broke into a grin and placed a light kiss on my lips. I looked at him for a long moment before saying it, gauging the likelihood of a favourable response. Finally I just blurted it out. "Ashiteru Duo."

I chuckled quietly at his sudden confession. "I figured that out Heero." How much courage had that taken? A man I had always deemed impossible to scare was suddenly dealing with unfamiliar emotions. I hastily sought to reassure him. I buried my face against his neck and whispered it against his skin. "I love you too." I sighed as he ran his hand through my hair, trailing it all the way to my hip in a possessive motion. This continued for a long while, peace reigning over us, as we lay happy and sated on the sofa. The sofa that was now sticking to me as I shifted. "Oh yuck!"

He was laughing even as he sat up and pulled a face at the mess we were in. I sat up with him, grimacing when I too found myself sticking to the couch. "We had to chose to stay in the wet spot didn’t we?" He was still laughing, that vibrant smile warming me as I watched his hair float around him as he stood. "Come on, Yuy, I have an idea ," he said, reaching for my hand. I didn’t hesitate to take it and stand beside him, but I gave him a puzzled frown. ‘I have an idea’ meant he was planning some evil mischief and I wanted to know what it was that wicked mind that I adored was thinking.

"Oh, never fear Hee-chan, you’ll like this idea," I said, smirking as I wrapped my arms around him. "Hee-chan ?" he asked, a disbelieving eyebrow raised at that. I ignored it and continued, my arms that were locked around his waist pulling our hips together with a bump and a gasp from his lips. "You’ll like it," I promised again, smiling into his eyes and kissing him gently. "I always wondered what it’d be like to have sex in the shower."

In the shower? A wet, soapy Duo contained in a shower, with his hair stuck to him in swirls of dark chestnut, his lips red from the heat of the water… Oh yes, I loved that wicked mind of his. "Hmm…" I grabbed his hand and began pulling him, giggling and pinching my ass as he went, to the bathroom. "I’ve always wondered that myself…"


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