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Through Your Window
by Tayles

With a glance at his bedside clock, Duo Maxwell closed the book he was reading and hit the off button on the remote for his hi-fi. Then he snapped off his light and rolled onto his stomach so he could face the window. 10.55 P.M. It was almost show time…

Sure enough, as the white numbers on his clock flipped over to 11.00 his neighbour entered the room across the yard from him and Duo held his breath in anticipation.

Four days ago Heero Yuy had moved into the house next door to Duo. As Duo had spotted him carrying computer equipment from his car to the front door he had thought to himself that his new neighbour was at least easy on the eyes: casually rumpled hair fell into a face of angled oriental beauty, strong shoulders and a lightly muscled chest were revealed by a baggy tank top, and tight, faded denim jeans encased long legs. Stunning, Duo had mused before closing the door behind him and going into the kitchen to decide what to make for dinner.

Three nights ago Heero Yuy had walked into the bedroom of his new house, and Duo had found that he had a perfect view from his room to his neighbour's, and consequently a perfect view of the young man's nightly routine.

11.00: Go to bedroom. 11.01: Turn light out. 11.02: Undress. 11.06: Turn bedside light on. 11.07: Languidly masturbate in full view of the un-curtained window.

It was a sordid, immoral, voyeuristic pleasure, but Duo wasn't complaining.

And tonight, like the past three nights, he watched as Heero opened the door to his sparsely furnished room and hit the wall switch next to the bookcase. Duo didn't understand why the guy bothered to undress in the all-concealing darkness only to reveal himself and jerk off in the light of his lamp. He supposed it was habit. From what little he had interacted with Heero over the days he had gleaned that the man was one who liked routine and order. Once in a pattern he didn't deviate from it. This was shown in the few moments they shared in each other's company, at 8.30 every morning as Duo left for his apprenticeship at Howard's Motors and Heero went to the bus stop to go to Romafeller College. They exchanged the same greetings and pleasantries before nodding to one another and parting ways. It was as if they were reading from a script.

The window across the way was suddenly once more illuminated, this time with the softer glow of Heero's reading lamp. Duo felt his breathing quicken as he found Heero where he expected him to be: reclining comfortably on the bed, legs parted slightly and fingers resting splayed against his stomach. The warm light highlighted the planes and curves of the young man's body, casting erotic shadows on the far wall. Duo closed his eyes briefly, savouring the image a moment, before opening them once more, this time only prepared to blink when absolutely necessary. He knew the routine from memory by now, but even so, he didn't want to miss a thing.

As if on cue, Heero's long fingers began to skitter lightly over his skin, dancing gracefully upwards and over both dark nipples, pausing a moment with increased pressure before continuing higher. Fingertips trailed up his throat to caress sculpted lips, tongue darting out to catch them and swirl around the soft pads. Duo felt his own tongue slip out in unconscious response to the other man's actions, moistening dry lips as soft pants began to push past his mouth.

Heero's own mouth could be seen to move in a silent moan, and those fingers left his lips to trace once more down his chest. This time they did more then merely pause at now erect nipples, instead lingering and toying gently with the hard nubs. His back parted company with the bed as he arched into his own touch, mouth open as if to receive phantom kisses. And then those hypnotic hands were on the move once more, tracing patterns down a taut abdomen.

Duo groaned as he felt the heat stirring between his legs, his eyes riveted to the movement of the other man's hands as they moved slowly towards the growing arousal making itself known in Heero's lap. He wouldn't, he'd put it off, he wouldn't touch himself until…

Heero's hand found its way to his erection and wrapped firmly around its length. For a moment he just lay there, hand on his cock and eyes tight shut, just feeling the sensation of touch.

Duo finally allowed himself to reach down with one hand and squeeze himself through his pants. Those hands of Heero's had been so strong, so confident as they shook his when they first met. So sure of themselves as Heero's fingers held his. And right now Duo would give anything to feel those fingers on him.


"Morning, Heero!" Duo closed the gate behind him and grinned at the boy next door as he did the same.

"Duo." Heero nodded his usual greeting. Like a damn script, Duo thought to himself with a smile. He went to pass the other man and begin his walk into town when cobalt eyes met his and the script was suddenly rewritten.

Heero's eyes bored into Duo's as he asked in a mildly curious voice, "Sleep well?"

Duo froze. It was a perfectly innocent question, perfectly innocent, except that to his guilty mind - that was even now replaying the fact that for the past four nights he had in fact not slept well because after watching the young man in front of him jerk off and fall asleep he'd had to think very unpleasant thoughts just to slow his heart rate to somewhere approaching normal - it sounded very much like an accusation.

And those piercing blue eyes were still focussed on him as he gulped and finally managed to choke out, "… Yes… Thank you… You…?"

Heero blinked slowly as his eyes released their death glare on Duo and seemed to snap to attention, turning and already beginning to move towards the bus stop at the end of the road.

"Could have been better," he said calmly. He didn't bother to look over his shoulder as he said it, leaving Duo to gape and wonder if his words were polite conversation… or a subtle invitation…


Duo moaned as he watched Heero's fingers slide slowly up his own cock. God, the guy was a walking wet dream! The hand was speeding up as Duo once more spied on his next door neighbour, pants bursting from his lips as he slouched in a chair he'd pulled over to the window sill. His dark denim jeans had long ago been unbuttoned, his own hand pulling at an erection that matched the boy next door's.

"Oh God, Heero…"

The words were involuntary as he let his violet eyes roam the young man's naked body, lingering on rosy nipples, flushed cheeks and shining lips, and the feathery fall of dark hair against the sheets. Then his gaze swept downwards once more, fixated on the rhythm of Heero's fingers wrapped around his shaft, thumb toying gently with the glistening head.

Duo mimicked the action, moving his own thumb in rough circles over the tip of his cock, groaning loudly. He kept his eyes on Heero's writhing body but in his imagination he painted an image of the man kneeling in front of him, tanned hands expertly working every pleasure from his lover's body.

One of Heero's hands, the one that had been gripping the top of his thigh, was wandering from position. Duo's mouth opened in an excited gasp as that hand moved below the one still stroking, and dipped lower between Heero's legs. The renegade hand was hidden from view by Heero's legs, now bent at the knee to ease the action, but its intentions were clear.

Duo groaned again, part in pure desire and part in frustration for what the boy next door was doing to him without even realising. His eyes moved once more to Heero's pleasure filled face, before he shoved his pants all the way off and blindly reached for the lube.


"'Ornig, 'Eero!"

Heero raised an eyebrow and reached over Duo's gate to remove the dangling slice of toast hanging from the man's mouth. "Duo," he said with his perfunctory nod. "Sleep well?"

Duo's blush seemed to go unnoticed as he nodded. "Thanks, man. Overslept." He had slept so well after the night before that he hadn't even heard his alarm. "And now I'm running late," he explained as he pulled a hair tie from his pocket and reached behind him. He watched with concealed amusement as Heero's eyes widened on seeing his hair loose and blowing in the breeze. The other man's blue eyes followed as nimble fingers began to comb the long hair into some semblance of order before separating the mass into three sections for its customary braid.

Duo chuckled as Heero remained mesmerised, even as he dropped the now tied-off braid to swing against his back. He tilted his head and a smile spread across his face.

"If it was a choice between watching my hair all day or not missing your bus, what would you choose?"

Heero's attention snapped back to the man's face. "What?"

Duo flicked amused eyes towards the bus stop, where the Romafeller bus was closing its doors.

"K'so!" The word pushed its way past Heero's mouth as he quickly shoved the piece of toast back into Duo's hand, along with a small square of paper he'd been holding. "See you later," he said, hoisting his backpack onto one shoulder and breaking into a sprint for the bus.

Duo's laugh followed him until the braided man spotted the paper that was now covered in crumbs. That hadn’t been there before. Curiosity being a familiar trait with Duo, he didn't hesitate to open it up and read the contents. After all, Heero had left it with him.

His eyes widened as he read the words, neatly written in tidy black script.

Tonight, leave your light on.


He'd compromised. He'd left his bedside light on, and he was sat in the chair dressed in just his black jeans, desperately pretending to read a comic.

The clock flipped over to read 11.00.

Heero entered his room across the yard without even glancing in Duo's direction. The light went off.

Duo held his breath, fingers holding the manga so tightly that the pages shook. Out of the corner of his eye he peered warily at the blackened window. His breath hitched as the light clicked on…

… To reveal Heero Yuy, gloriously unadorned and nude, sitting, much as Duo was, in a chair pulled close to the window. His arms were folded against his chest, legs parted almost in defiance, and one expressive eyebrow was raised in Duo's direction. When he realised that Duo was covertly looking at him he nodded his acknowledgement.

Duo swallowed, lowered the comic, and faced the other man. The grin on his face was tempered with nervousness, and when he waved at Heero with the tips of his fingers it was a shy gesture in comparison to his usual exuberance.

Heero's smirk softened at the timid greeting and Duo was surprised to see the man give him a warm, comforting smile. Duo returned it, still only a little hesitant, and nodded, agreeing to let Heero take the lead.

He watched as Heero's fingers fell into the now familiar pattern. Starting at his stomach they traced smoothly over abdominal muscles, winding their way up to put light pressure on reddening nipples before letting short nails trail up over his arched throat. Heero's eyes were locked with Duo's as one fingertip toyed gently with his lower lip, before disappearing into a wet mouth.

Once all fingers had shared the same treatment, and once Heero was sure of Duo's increased breathing and dilated eyes, they meandered back down again, leaving a moistened path were they passed. They ran in tight circles around hardened nipples, flicking gently before rubbing roughly. Both men arched in their chairs, one into his own hands and the other at the imagined sensations.

On the move again, Heero's fingers played down his stomach, one finger making a detour around the edge of his belly button before joining the others on their journey.

Violet eyes and cobalt clashed again, twin expressions of anticipation and rapture on the men's faces. Duo's hands had finally decided to co-operate with his fogged mind, and were mirroring the positions Heero's had taken; low on the hips, lightly caressing heated skin, and eagerly waiting to move on.

Heero's eyes darted disapprovingly to Duo's lap, still covered by his pants. Duo took the hint, a flicker of modesty protesting before the jeans were tossed carelessly away.

For a moment they sat and admired each other. Separated by two sheets of glass and about six feet of side yard, the urge to touch, to explore the other's body was strong, and clear in the desperate way eyes raked over exposed flesh. Both sets of breath were harsh on their own ears, masking the almost audible thudding of hearts.

Breaking the tableaux they had created, Heero smiled again; a small reassurance for them both. His hands dipped into the folds of his groin, lightly brushing the dark hairs surrounding his cock, before one hand firmly wrapped itself around the straining shaft. Heero's body froze but his eyes were open, watching Duo as he moved in exactly the same way. It was as if, by doing exactly the same thing, they were in fact touching each other.

Duo held still, as Heero was, heart hammering in his ears as one hand held his burning cock. He didn't move until he saw Heero's fingers tighten and then relax, a gentle squeeze before beginning a slow movement up and down. Their movements were in time as they watched the other, and the speeding of pace was an almost instantaneous decision between both of them.

Duo gasped as the thrill of both showing himself like this and being shown made itself fully aware in his mind. There was a complete abandon in letting someone view you in this most intimate of moments and the trust it implied on both his and Heero's parts was startling.

But thoughts of what exactly this odd relationship was were shoved unceremoniously from his mind as Heero's free hand began to move. Heero was smirking as he walked the hand down past the other, pushing his legs as far apart as possible in the chair, and the tip of one long finger circled his exposed opening.

For a moment Duo couldn't breathe, torn between watching the devious look on Heero's face and the tantalising movements of that finger on the man's hole. Heero's look became inviting as he stopped the gentle probing and reached across for a small tube on the bedside table. Duo blindly fumbled beside him for the lube he'd put there earlier, fingers finding just as Heero returned now slick fingers to his anus. The tip of one wet finger pushed gently in, moving in a languid counterpoint to the frantic stroking of Heero's other hand on his cock. It was followed by a second, stretching the muscle to accommodate both fingers as they slipped inside.

Duo was moaning incoherently at the sight, nearly dropping and spilling lube all over the place. He felt like he was tingling all over and the blood that raced through his veins was hotter than the fires of hell. Trembling, he hurried to catch up with Heero, sliding in first one, then the other finger. As one, they increased their pace, eyes locked as they stroked themselves inside and out. Backs arched and mouths opened in gasps and wordless cries. Friction mounting and voyeuristic excitement doubling the sensation, the two hurtled head first into waves of pure feeling.

Heero suddenly seemed to stretch, taut as a bowstring, as a name formed on his lips and he came into his hand. He fell forward, slumped in the chair, before pushing the sweat-dampened hair from his forehead and returning his sated gaze to Duo.

Duo took that as permission to follow, and both hands increased their stroking, fingers tight around his erection and curled to brush inner nerves. A gasp and his body tensed, Heero's name falling from his lips as he came, seeing the satisfied pleasure in those blue eyes across the way. His hands slowed and finally withdrew, body relaxing and unfolding as he smiled crookedly at Heero.

The other man gave him that same small, warm smile and a nod of his head, before reaching over and snapping off the light.


"Morning, Heero!" Duo had a spring in his step as he closed the gate behind him and turned with a grin to face Heero. His violet eyes sparkled as Heero nodded in response, with a hint of a smirk playing across his lips.

"Duo." Those blue eyes shone at the other man as Heero took a step towards him. "Sleep well?"

Playing the game, Duo also stepped closer, allowing a hand to trail up Heero's bicep. "I certainly had pleasant dreams…" The hand stopped as it reached Heero's shoulder and quickly turned over, held out expectantly.

"Well?" Duo asked in a smug tone, "Do I get a note today?"

Heero smirked and nodded, fingers delving into a denim pocket.

"Here," he said, producing a small square of paper between middle and forefinger. "Have a good day," he added before moving towards the bus stop.

Duo's grin grew as he watched the man leave, before unfolding the scrap eagerly. On it were just two words in that black script.

Join me.


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