my heero and duo
a meme


my duo

   - could probably swing both ways, but has never been that attracted to a female
   - is disturbed by the fact that heero places such little value on his life
   - believes his friends are irreplaceable and never fails to demonstrate it to them
   - has abandonment issues
   - loves all types of music and is bound to randomly dance himself into a frenzy
   - will try anything once
   - snores
   - is rarely seen outdoors without sunglasses
   - likes to drive fast
   - has a sweet tooth
   - is fascinated with astronomy
   - has had nightmares for as long as he can remember
   - likes being on the giving and receiving ends of surprises
   - would like to be top a little more often
   - is a rabid reader
   - is not bothered by the little things
   - loves to run his fingers through heero's hair

my heero

   - is most definitely a homosexual
   - is borderline obsessive compulsive. extremely anal retentive at the very least
   - would not share duo with anyone. ever
   - has no regrets about his past, but would never want to repeat any of it
   - accepts who he is/was and strives hard to be a better person
   - loves technology in every form
   - values perfection
   - is mildly jealous of the way duo deals with life
   - hates being idolized for what he did
   - has a long list of sexual 'kinks'
   - believes in fate
   - is never casual about anything
   - is a romantic
   - does not believe in god
   - loves duo more than he fears he will ever be able to express

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