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in alphabetical order

  baby pen's page

incredible artwork and home made doujinshi are the highlight of this site. please go !

  boys next door reviews

nice collection of yaoi fiction and yaoi site reviews. mostly gw.

  endless dedication

so much information here its impossible to list it all. visit !

  gundam wing addiction

the title says it all. . . a huge repository for fanfics. a must !

an extremely well designed page with a wealth of gw info !

  heero's heart

this site houses the amazing fanfic "and never the twain shall meet" if you are a 1X2X1 fan and you haven't read it yet, GO NOW !!

  nanashi: gundam wing fan fiction contest

nominations closed, but a great place to read some of the best fics on the web !

  ninmu kanryo

pretty extensive site non-yaoi heero site. sounds, images, fanfics, seiyuu info, etc...

  prussian and cobalt

a nicely designed site with a tremendous amount of 1X2 gundam goodness. not updated often. ( must use internet explorer ) anime alternatives

new site, great fics and fanart sections. steel song's fanfics are a must for any 1X2X1 fan !

  uru-chan's lair

wonderful fics and other gw related stuff. please read "promises under the influence" !

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