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welcome to my obsession... gundam wing... more specifically, heero and duo... a place for me to express my passion for all things 1X2/2X1

::    here there be yaoi

   ::    think the pilot of wing zero and the god of death are a match made in heaven?  you've come to the right place

   ::    uncomfortable with male/male relationships?  leaving now would be a good idea

for the love of gundam award

[ the maxwell-yuy addiction site ] has honored shinigami & wing with its 'for the love of gundam award'!!
please check out veste notus' heero and duo site where you can read her lovely, ever-growing collection of fics. thank you so much, carly!!

wondering wonderland award

shinigami & wing has received the 'wandering wonderland award' from ashura's desolation angels site.  
thank you, ashura!     please visit [ desolation angels ] for great fics, fanart and all things gundam wing.


my neko heero has arrived!!

this adorable kitty is brought to you by the extremely talented baby pen

last updated on 27 nov 2010