gundam wing trading cards


titles listed below are the official titles and sometimes have little or no relevancy to the actual picture on the card

gw-01   the year a.c. 195
gw-02   oz
gw-03   gundanium allow
gw-04   sanc kingdon
gw-05   romefeller foundation
gw-06   mobile doll
gw-07   zero system
gw-08   the five gundams
gw-09   operation meteor
gw-10   wing gundam

gw-11   wing gundam
gw-12   wing gundam
gw-13   gundam deathscythe
gw-14   gundam deathscythe
gw-15   gundam deathscythe
gw-16   gundam heavyarms
gw-17   gundam heavyarms
gw-18   gundam heavyarms
gw-19   gundam sandrock

gw-20   gundam sandrock
gw-21   gundam sandrock
gw-22   shenlong gundam
gw-23   shenlong gundam
gw-24   shenlong gundam
gw-25   tallgeese
gw-26   tallgeese
gw-27   tallgeese
gw-28   wing gundam zero
gw-29   wing gundam zero
gw-30   wing gundam zero

gw-31   gundam deathscythe hell
gw-32   gundam deathscythe hell
gw-33   gundam deathscythe hell
gw-34   altron gundam
gw-35   altron gundam
gw-36   altron gundam

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