shinigami and wing

  gundam wing 1X2X1 magnetic poetry

umm. . . pretty much what the title implies. if you don't know what magnetic poetry is, you should definitely check it out !
make sure you're browser is able to handle java. . . and your mind able to handle 1X2X1 ;)

i plan on starting a section devoted to posting results of magnetic poetry dabblings. if you are interested in having yours included please send it to me at

  ground zero series

manga in english from viz. scan of all four chapters

  icons of heero and duo

unfortunately not together, otherwise they'd be too small to see. pc users only. 16.8 million colors.

  gundam wing trading cards

new from bandai. scans of fronts only. cards 1-36 so far.

  heero yuy paper doll

no, you did not misread that. download and print your own heero yuy doll with assorted clothes.

  pictures from 2001 gundam wing calendar ( japanese version )

these are simply INCREDIBLE !!!   ( parital scans due to the size )

[ the perfect soldier ]    [ the god of death ]    [ the clown ]    [ little one ]    [ dragon ]    [ lightning count ]

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