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  the ambiguously gay duo

[ rated pg-13 ]  a sweet little heero and duo get together fic written for me by [ Kai ]

read all of kai's 1X2X1 fics [ here ] and then visit [ Steel Song: anime alternatives ] for even more of his work!


[ rated g ]  a kawaii illustration of duo and heero from 'mercury rising' drawn by [ Snow Tigra ]   ^__^

see all of snow's artwork and take the time to read her collection of awesome gundam wings fics at [ Snow Tigra's Place ]

  lemon poster

[ rated g ]  a movie poster created by [ RatherQuiet ] in celebration of 1X2X1 lemons and i got to edit it!   *cheers*

find more of ratherquiet's very cool and original gundam wing photoshop creations [ here ]

  once more

[ rated nc-17 ]  the first of two *very* naughty and sexually explicit 1X2 pictures [ Ponderosa ] drew for me!!

visit [ Destiny Interrupted ] where you will find the entire collection of her artwork and can read her fics as well!

  heero and duo

[ rated r for sexual innuendo ]  [ Suzume ] had this incredible scene from 'gaining momentum' commissioned by [ Sophie ] , which I am still totally in awe of!

visit suzume's [ ] for her wonderful and all encompassing collection of high quality gundam wing / slayers fiction and fan art recommendations and *please* do not miss the opportunity to see more of sophie's beautiful artwork at [ Noux Corner ]

  twice more

[ rated nc-17 ]  the second of [ Ponderosa's ] lovely and *extremely* graphic 1X2 hentai gifts!

go to [ Destiny Interrupted ] for more of her awesome art and equally wonderful fiction.  really ... you must go ... now!!


[ rated g ]   [ 0083 ] is a budding artist as well as an extremely talented writer. i cannot tell you how excited i am that she has seen fit to honor me with one of the first drawings she did of my favorite pilot !

please send her words of encouragement so she draws more and [ read her work ] if you haven't already !!

  harpy heero and centaur duo

[ rated g ]   kawaiiii !!!!   this is the first in a series of drawings done by my daughter, a.k.a. [ DS ] ... during dinner one night. the rest of them aren't colored yet, but hopefully they will be eventually!!

note: she did not inherit her abilities from me... which is a darn good thing for her!!

  winged heero

[ rated g ]   this beautiful drawing of my favorite pilot was sent to me by the very talented maki!! i have seen some of her other work and she definitely needs to be encouraged to draw more!   please [ email her ] to insist that she does! *huggles maki*

  lovers kiss

[ rated g ]   i was incredibly touched by this picture, not only because of the subject matter, but by who drew it for me!!   nazarri is a wonderfully talented writer and probably *the* most devoted heero and duo supporter in the fandom!!   most of nazarri's fiction can be found [ here ], i suggest that you visit [ her site ] where you can read more of her work and see the wonderful artwork that was given to her and some that she had commissioned as well.

please take a minute to [ email her ] and let her know what a great job she did!


[ rated nc-17 ] this particular piece of very naughty, yet delicious fan art was given to me by [ stacy ], on the occasion of the 2 year anniversary of s&w.   ... and because looking at it once is simply not enough, you can find the inked version of it [ here ] as well! *glomps the heck out of stacy*     stacy is a wonderful artist, who very fortunately for the fandom, happens to be very much inspired by gundam wing fan fiction.

there is a lovely collection of her artwork on display at her site, [ shdlm's fanart ]. i would definitely recommend that you visit, as there are a lot of wonderful heero and duo pictures there to be oogled at!!

i must take a moment here, to thank sharon of [ moments of rapture ] for suggesting the subject matter of the picture to stacy.   *blushes a bit* ..... i guess the cat is out of the bag, huh?   ^_~

  thrice more

[ rated pg - r ] yet another gorgeous picture of heero and duo given to me in honor of my site's anniversary... and this one is from [ ponderosa ]!!     *squeals with delight*     and yes, pond, the third time is indeed a charm!     *huggles*     i simply adore the looks on heero's and duo's faces in this one.. and the way their bodies are entwined...     *sighs in contentment before melting into an unrecognizable puddle of 1X2X1 goo*

if you haven't done so already, please do take the time visit ponderosa at her website,[ Destiny Interrupted ] where you will be treated to a constant flow of gundam wing eye candy and a host of memorable fics!

  sweet dreams winamp skin

[ rated pg ] a very lovely and uber-kawaii winamp skin of heero and duo made for me the the multi-talented [ zania ]!!!   *huggles the lemon princess*   you can see it [ here ] and download it [ here ] in zipped format. it's truly wonderful!!!

please visit zania at her site, [ ] for lots of wonderful gundam wing fics, including zania's own!, things to download, a really, really nice collection of awesome winamp skins and more!

  shinigami & wing

[ rated pg ] [ CeY ] drew this incredibly adorable picture of a winged heero and duo was wonderful enough to give it to me! i absolutely love the expressions on both of their faces!!!   *glomps CeY*    thank you again!!

unfortunately, CeY does not have a website, but she has drawn some other lovely pics for blue soarings 'dance with the demons' and they can be found [ here ]. please take the time to check out the rest of dacia's incredible site, [ a little piece of gundam wing ] while you are there!

  a trio of pics and a fic from veste notus

[ fic ] green bird

[ pic ] duo angel

[ pic ] duo with ribbons

[ pic ] an sd heero

[ all rated pg ] the dual talented [ Veste Notus ] wrote this very wonderfully deep and somewhat sad ficcie and dedicated it to me!! she also drew three very lovely pictures, which she was generous enough to send! *huggles carly*

please visit her newly created and not yet complete site, The Maxwell-Yuy Addiction [ here ] and read more of her growing collection of heero and duo fics!!

  work & play

[ rated pg ] [ Grevola ] was kind enough to draw this sweet and sexy picture for me and even used the colors from this site in it! i love duo's 'come hither' pose in the doorway and the way heero is looking back at him. *sighs happily in contentment*

Grevola does not have a website, but i'm sure she'd love to get some feedback on the picture... and maybe even draw some more. most definitely a good thing ^__^

  more than you'll ever know

[ rated pg ] this wonderful picture was a gift from [ CatZero ] who was inspired by one of the lines from a little heero/duo list i posted in my live journal. you can read the list [ here ] if you are curious. her inspiration, btw, came from the last line in 'my heero' list.

you can also see a version of it after she worked on it in photoshop [ here ]. i'm sure cat would love to hear what you thought of her work!!   *huggles cat and purrs*   dankes so much... again!!!

  sea and shore

[ rated pg ] another lovely picture from the uber talented, and totally loveable [ Ponderosa ] !!!!!   this picture is extremely squee-worthy and is such a delight to oogle for extended periods of time!   this was a gift for my birthday   *snuggles pond*   i simply adore it!

ponderosa's site, [ Destiny Interrupted ] has still more of her incredible drawing and fiction as well. it would be wise to visit... trust me. you won't be disappointed!!   ^_~


[ rated pg ] an awesome and delightful 1+2 get together fic written for my birthday by the talented, yet prickly *snickers* [ kebzero ] !!   it features a very determined duo and a heero that makes this heero-obsessed fangirl extremely happy! yes... this is a man who knows what i like *g*

you can read some of kebzero's fiction [ here ] and still more at his own site [ kebzero's notepad ] . i highly suggest you do!!!

  already taken

[ rated r ] another birthday gift!!   this time, a picture drawn by my daughter, otherwise known as [ DS ] !! as expected, she is well aware of my erm... obsessions. all of them. ^_~ *huggles DS* i adore it!!!

look for more of her work coming soon... she owes me a few.. before she leaves for college. or else *g*

  neko heero

[ rated r ] i seem to be running out of adjectives here to describe [ Ponderosa ] 's work and i'm pretty sure i have already repeated myself numerous times. suffice it to say, this is another of her typically stunning pieces of artwork and was a gift to me for my birthday. the subject matter is a lovely combination of our faves. can't help but think might be one of duo's favorite's as well ^_~

i have much love for pond. as an artist. as a writer and perhaps most importantly as a person. *snuggles up to you and purrs in your ear*   thank you once again, pond. he's teh hot!!!

once again, ponderosa's site, [ Destiny Interrupted ] is overflowing with still more of her incredible art and fiction. please allow several hours for your visit. you'll need it.

  a quiet moment

[ rated g ] it is very difficult to explain the immense feeling of joy that overcomes me when something as wonderful and unexpected as this turns up in my inbox...

this absolutely gorgeous drawing of heero and duo from my fic 'serendipity' was drawn by the very talented and lovely, [ MEW ]. unfortunately, MEW does not have a website, but i am sure that she would love to hear back from anyone who enjoyed her beautiful artwork!

i cannot thank her enough for taking the time to draw this for me. *takes a moment to squee* thank you again, MEW.. i adore it!!!

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